Public Procurement & State Aid


In the field of public procurement law, we advise contracting authorities/entities on the one hand, and companies on the bidder side on the other hand, on specific procurement procedures. These are sometimes complex not only in terms of the procedure, but also with regard to the subject matter of the award. The focus is on services, sometimes combined with the supply of goods. In some cases, certain legal constructions must be chosen, such as bidding consortia or the involvement of subcontractors. In practice, advice can begin even before a procurement procedure is initiated and can extend to the decision of the last instance.


  • Advising clients on compliance with public procurement regulations and requirements
  • Representing clients in public procurement procedures and appeals
  • Preparing and submitting bids for government contracts
  • Advising clients on the availability and eligibility for state aid subsidies
  • Representing clients in state aid proceedings and appeals
  • Developing and implementing compliance programs related to public procurement and state aid

We have extensive experience working with clients in a wide range of industries, including construction, transportation, media and energy. Our attorneys work closely with clients to understand their unique business objectives and develop tailored legal strategies to achieve them while complying with public procurement and state aid laws.

In the field of state aid law, our services are used by state aid granting authorities in Austria as well as in neighbouring countries. The focus is not only on substantive law, but also covers the entire procedure, including informal contacts with the European Commission (DG COMP) as well as the formal phase in the course of the notification of an aid or aid framework up to the ex-post examination of an aid.

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