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Union law does not only play a role before the Union instances. Very often, its importance in proceedings before Austrian administrative authorities and courts is underestimated, as is the position of the Brussels bureaucracy. Especially public procurement, cartel, regulatory and state aid law (covering also privatisation) are strongly influenced by Union law. These are precisely the areas in which our team specialises. This is why LGP is often commissioned to provide expert opinions on sensitive issues of Union law.

From private to public companies to state bodies, LGP is active at both national and EU level in the granting or repayment of subsidies, the implementation of projects, the drafting of contracts and in connection with official approvals. This concerns, on the one hand, requests for a preliminary ruling and appeals before the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU), and applications for annulment before the General Court., on the other hand Regulatory law also plays an important role. LGP supports clients from various sectors in enforcing their interests in these cases.


  • Regulatory law, in particular energy, rail infrastructure, gaming, broadcasting and telecommunications law
  • Restrictive measures (sanctions), esp. concerning listed individuals as well as sectoral sanctions for specific economic sectors
  • Institutional aspects (law-making)
  • Environmental law
  • Competition law including state aids
  • Public procurement
  • Copyright law
  • Media law

Our expertise, consisting of special knowledge unusual for Austria combined with an EU network, has spread far beyond Austria's borders.

An Austrian lawyer usually appears before the CJEU in Luxembourg no more than once or twice in his or her professional life. This makes the number of appearances by LGP's EU team all the more remarkable. On average, we represent clients before the Union Courts three to four times a year. No other Austrian law firm has as many cases before the highest instance for Union law.

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