United Arab Emirates


With our new companies, LGP Middle East Legal Consultants, LGP Project Solutions Middle East and LGP ME GROUP FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. L.L.C we established our first offices in the  Middle-East.

The UAE has become one of the most important global hubs for international politics and business in recent years. The UAE have caught our attention and the interest of many of our clients. The UAE offer ideal conditions for investment by investors to fulfill their projects here. For these reasons, we have been asked by major international clients to advise them here in the UAE and are eager to help attract many more investors and entrepreneurs to invest and establish operations in the UAE. Therefore, we decided to establish new companies in Ras Al Khaimah and in Dubai.

LGP Project Solutions Middle East supports clients in developing their business and helps find and successfully enter new markets. LGP Middle East Legal Consultants supports clients mainly in legal matters and in securing economic success.

+ UAE as the hub for international politics and business

In our new offices in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah you will find experts from all over the world will develop solutions tailored to your needs and help you successfully solve legal and economic matters. Our senior expert counsel plays a major role in this process, offering decades of experience from business, law and politics and providing a strong network.