Sanctions Law & Trade Restrictions


LGP’s team of international experts provides legal and strategic advice on sanctions regulations in the European Union, challenging restrictive measures imposed on individuals and providing companies with solutions for their business operations affected by sanctions.

LGP is representing a number of high-profile clients in ongoing proceedings before the European Courts related to restrictive measures.

Our team is comprised of a group of legal specialists in European Union sanctions law, including former judges of the CJEU and the General Court and leading international law university professors. Our lawyers have an extensive track record of successfully representing our clients before the EU courts and European sanctions authorities, and in dealing with banks, UBO registers and commercial disputes about performance delays due to sanctions, to name but a few of our focus areas. We are used to manage our clients' affairs across Europe and the Middle East, and, where necessary, extend our reach to Switzerland, the UK and the US.

We provide our sanctions related work from our offices in the UAE (Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah), Vienna, Bratislava, Turkey and Kazakhstan.


  • Representing sanctioned persons and companies before the courts of the European Union and in reconsideration proceedings before the Council
  • Advising non-sanctioned companies affected by knock-on effects of sanctions in cases of over-compliance by market operators (insurance and logistics companies, financial institutions, etc.) and by national authorities of the EU Member States, including asset freezes
  • Drafting and filing of applications for exemptions in the EU Member States
  • Legal representation regarding frozen assets (bank accounts, vessels and airplanes, art, real estate etc), including support in respect of daily compliance issues
  • Legal defence against wrongful actions imposed by EU Member States
  • Resorting to the European Court of Human Rights, where appropriate
  • Support in promoting the client's case vis-a-vis authorities and decision makers
  • Sanctions due diligence and compliance (asset disclosure, etc)
  • Ensuring sanctions compliance in M&A transactions
  • Overall project management (definition of goals and objectives, task planning, budgeting, retention of local experts, invoicing and billing)

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality legal services and strategic guidance to help them navigate the complex and ever-changing landscape of sanctions and trade restrictions. We work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and goals and provide practical solutions to help them achieve success in their business operations.

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