North Macedonia


LANSKY, GANZGER, ZEQIRI + partner is the North Macedonia branch of international business law firm LGP.  

LGP assists clients in economic, legal, political, and country-specific questions for markets in the Western Balkans and Southeast Europe. LGP is renowned for its specific and unique products, as it provides full-service offerings as deal counsels and investment facilitators, assisting investors with their business development activities, facilitating transactions and linking project developers with investors, and supporting economic and business linkages between the Western Balkans and Central Europe and beyond. LGP solves wide range of legal issues in day-to-day business life through its partners, associates and consultants of different seniorities and different expertise, who have both public and private sector experience.

+ Market knowledge, economic and legal expertise from a single source.

North Macedonia plays an important role for stability and growth throughout the entire SEE region. The country’s economy is resurgent thanks to stringent reforms aimed at raising its attractiveness as a business location in recent years. Furthermore, a stable interethnic peace and the long-awaited settlement of differences with its neighbor Greece have cleared the path for the opening of EU accession negotiations. These positive developments have not gone unnoticed in international financial institutions as well as with institutional and private investors.

As locally active consultants, we contribute to the positive development of North Macedonia by supporting international companies in their market entry and realizing projects with investors and local entrepreneurs. Through our cooperation with licensed attorneys at law and experts in different fields of law, we offer services that cover clients’ needs in every field of legal work.

We pride ourselves in our solution-oriented, customer-focused approach going beyond purely legal advice, to cover all aspects of business activities in North Macedonia.

Our expertise is focused in the following areas and industries:


Construction and Infrastructure

The LGP team for real estate law and construction law is ideally structured for the real estate market in the eternal cycle between hype, crisis, and recovery. We advise private and institutional investors, property developers and project developers, brokers, property managers and private individuals.

LGP successfully supported clients in the implementation of large infrastructure projects, as well as industrial and commercial investment projects. Our services offer support from tendering and financing through questions of environmental and civil law pertaining to the approval of projects.


Recent global turmoil caused increased orientation towards renewable energy sources, which created number of issues and legal questions emerging in the overall energy sector. LGP advises energy companies, investment funds, governments, and developers on all types of energy projects. We provide assistance throughout the overall process, including land transformation, obtaining construction permits, approvals and licensing, conclusion of power purchase agreements, transmission and interconnectivity, as well as financing and construction. Our experts provide full support starting from project initiation and conceptualization, through project development and execution, until commissioning of the power plants.


The mining industry is not just about extracting minerals. For development of raw materials, this highly complex key industry uses new intelligent technologies, oriented towards the need of processing industry. Besides the property rights concerning ownership and extraction of the mineral resources, mining is also affected by various regulations related to safety and environmental issues. As leading legal advisor in the mining area, LGP advises mining companies on matters related to geological research, exploitation and processing of mineral resources, supervision, safety and environmental standards, etc. From business perspective, LGP is also involved in several large-scale projects in the SEE region, and commands excellent market expertise in both the ferrous and nonferrous mining and metal industries. LGP’s portfolio has recently been extended to several acquisition deals between major local players in the chromium and nickel mining, as well as in the processing industry in wider Europe.  

Business and Strategic Partnerships

Professional business development has become increasingly relevant for entrepreneurs and the business community at large. LGP helps clients to manage the fast-changing global business and economic environment. Our clients can benefit from fresh partnerships and large network of diverse, well-established connections in different industries and sectors, that support access and gathering information, central to the success of business ventures. LGP’s service includes extensive communication and facilitating contacts with potential business partners and relevant stakeholders, as well as assistance in establishing and structuring the partnerships, and other aspects defined in conjunction with the client. Our business development support is based on in-depth market understanding, high-level analytical skills, and strong practical experience. LPG’s strategic communication services encompass deep understanding of our clients’ needs, determining relevant areas for cooperation with potential business partners and various stakeholders, narrowing the potential partners down to a specific list and defining timeline of activities, establishing high-level relations with targeted partners and conducting negotiations to work out the details of their potential collaboration until the final signing of an agreement.


Combining in-depth knowledge and hands-on practical experience, LGP provides legal assistance in anticipating regulatory requirements and compliance with legislation affecting food and agriculture industry. Furthermore, LGP focuses on preventive and proactive client care, and advice clients on the comprehensive food industry legislation. Our services include business formation and structuring, drafting different types of contracts, HR related services, project financing and acquisitions, etc. Our clients include manufacturers, industry players, wholesale and retail companies.


The importance of media and telecommunications have grown exponentially in recent times. LGP is specialized to solve complex legal issues arising from technology, media and telecommunications and bridge the gap that developments in these areas created, affecting the application of traditional legal principles. We advise national and international clients on all questions regarding media and telecommunications law. Our clients can benefit from the firm's integrated advisory approach. LGP also collaborates with PR experts specialized in Litigation PR, possessing necessary expertise in the media industry and telecommunications sector.


LGP supports full coverage of services in IP & IT area, from designing license agreements under copyright law, advising on questions regarding the ability to protect one's own services, or representation in court due to copyright or trademark law infringements. Furthermore, we advise clients on national and international trademark and patent matters, from application to registration and the prosecution of infringements. The internationality and interdisciplinarity of the firm also prove to be a special advantage for clients, as we also tend to our clients' interests in the area of IT law: Preparation of General Terms and Conditions, license and software agreements, provider agreements and production advice, as well as legal questions on eCommerce and data protection.

Wealth Management and Assets Protection

Wealth management and asset protection strategies go beyond guarding against risk, and highly depend on the clients’ risk profile. LGP supports entrepreneurs, private individuals, family-run companies and family offices, and individuals from a host of different cultures. Our services cover a wide range of areas, such as advise on entity creations and company structures, joint ventures and partnerships, assistance with land and asset transfers, advice in taxation and compliance issues, etc. LGP also collaborates with wealth managers and tax experts from across its global network of partners to create a comprehensive financial plan to our clients’ benefit. If necessary, our litigators can appear before courts and the authorities.


LGP provides its clients with innovative and responsible solutions for all their investment plans, taking sustainable and inclusive approach to the environmental, societal, technological, and economic challenges of our time, and helping them to retain and expand their existing investments. We design value-creating solutions in investment, being mindful of the legal requirements and the interest of all stakeholders. Our investment protection services cover conscientious preparation and strategic planning, starting from identifying possibilities for investments and providing full support in greenfield and brownfield investments. We work closely with banks, financial planners, tax advisers and auditors in the development, structuring and protection of investments and we support our clients in protecting of their rights and interests under local country legislation and applicable investment treaties. LGP’s extensive experience in investment law ensures optimal planning of the proceedings when representing our clients, both in national and international judicial and arbitration proceedings.