Czech Republic


Lansky, Ganzger, Jacko & Partner, s.r.o., advokátni kancelář is an important partner for us to expand further in Europe and to be able to advise clients individually.

Our new office in the Czech Republic offers new opportunities for our clients because of its geographical location, especially when it comes to entering European markets or looking for producers for goods.

LGP offers legal services for national and international clients who seek to manage their business in a pragmatic way. We solve a wide range of legal issues in day-to-day business life.

+ Czech Republic as the entry point for your business to Europe

In the automotive, plant engineering/smart factory and electrical/electronic/mechatronic sectors, the Czech Republic has been experiencing an upswing for years despite various crises. Because of this economic security and our expertise in the country, we are happy to help support your expansion or future planning and accompany you during the process.