United Arab Emirates


With our new companies, LGP Middle East Legal Consultants, LGP Project Solutions Middle East and LGP ME GROUP FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT SERVICES CO. L.L.C we established our first offices in the Middle East. The UAE has steadily developed into one of the world's most sought-after destinations for companies and individuals in recent years.

Due to the framework conditions in the UAE, especially the existing security and neutrality, it has become even more important as an international hub for entrepreneurs from all over the world. As a result, more companies from the Emirates are doing business with international business partners and vice versa. 

LGP MIDDLE EAST LEGAL CONSULTANTS supports clients mainly in legal matters and in securing economic success. In addition to the focus on sanctions law we also consult our clients in related areas of law, such as international tax law, capital markets law, banking and finance law and all issues of compliance.

In our new offices in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah you will find experts from all over the world who develop solutions tailored to your needs and help you successfully solve legal and economic matters. Our Senior Expert Counsel plays a major role in this process, offering decades of experience from business, law and politics and provides a strong network.

With the legal representation in the UAE, the establishment of LGP PROJECT SOLUTIONS MIDDLE EAST (LGP PS) was also driven forward. LGP PS goes beyond the traditional areas of strategic communication, providing quality advisory and fact-based and analytically diligent consultancy services, stimulating the clients to challenge their own industries by becoming more innovative, compelling, and efficient. LGP PS support M&A projects of newly settled clients and specializes in offering clients a range of business solutions, covering various fields, from market research to establishing a new business. We act as deal counsel for investors on their business development activities, who are benefiting from our network built up over decades and our in-depth knowledge of the market and practical experience in Central, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe, Turkey as well as in the Middle East.

Our neutral policy vis-à-vis the new global developments is another reason why we expanded to the UAE. The socio-economic diversity, including the changes that the UAE are going through, and the industries and economic systems that are growing rapidly make this region so exciting and attractive.

Regional Manager