LGP helps with the foundation of Vetklinikum


17 outpatient clinics, 10 wards, an intensive care unit, an operating centre, laboratories, and a state-of-the-art training centre for veterinarians: this forward-thinking veterinary hospital guarantees the best possible care for animal patients and was advised by LGP on corporate and labour law.

Dr Maximiliane Haider, Dr Georg Haider and Dr Andreas Hiebl met while studying veterinary medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna. Together they dreamed of founding a private small animal clinic that meets the modern requirements of veterinary medicine, combines highly trained specialists and advanced medical technology under one roof, and also offers a motivating and fair workplace for young colleagues. The three founders completed several years of postgraduate studies in order to build their professional expertise, becoming specialists in particular fields of small animal medicine. During this time, their idea of founding their own clinic became tangible, and so over the next years they developed a concept for their “perfect veterinary clinic” together.

The new Vetklinikum has a total of 17 outpatient clinics and ten wards for the care of animal patients. This ensures that cats and dogs can be examined, treated or admitted as inpatients in strictly separate areas. Intensive care patients are accommodated in a centrally located ICU for optimal care. To prevent infections, the clinic also has a separate walk-in isolation ward and a spacious surgical centre for soft tissue, bone and dental surgery. On-site diagnostic facilities include digital X-ray and fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT and MRI, endoscopy and an extensive laboratory. In addition, the veterinary hospital includes a spacious education and training centre to provide veterinarians with access to in-clinic technology and expertise and to offer state-of-the-art veterinary medicine.

The project had to overcome numerous legal challenges: from the development of a corporate structure and the establishment of the company to labour law and property-related issues, there was barely a field of law the project did not touch upon. It was clear to the founders from the very beginning that they had to make provisions for emergencies.

LGP provided the Vetklinikum with extensive support in all major legal challenges, from the regulation of the legal relationships between the founders to ensure the company would not be adversely affected in the event of a dispute, to the regulation of the labour law relationships between the company and the future employees of the Vetklinikum.

The LGP team was led by Dr Gerald Ganzger. Piroska Vargha (labour law) and Piotr Daniel Kocab (corporate law) supported the Vetklinikum in their respective areas of responsibility.

LGP is pleased to have been able to play a part in the creation of the Vetklinikum and will continue to support its long-term success.