Welcome aboard!


The Austrian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce (AICC) is pleased to welcome Diana Hayat as its new Head of Business Development. The dynamic networker talks to LGP about her multicul- tural background, concrete plans for the AICC’s future, and collaboration with other institutions.

You are quite new to your role: can you briefly introduce yourself and describe your relationship to the AICC??

Diana Hayat: Of course. I was born in Vienna, the middle child of three. My parents moved from the former Soviet Union via New York and Israel to Austria, where they eventually found a new home. The cultural diversity in my family means I speak five languages – German, English, Russian, Spanish, and Hebrew. I studied law, have worked for several law firms and also hold an LL.M. in housing and real estate law.

Then, in November 2022, I took over business development for the AICC in order to work with people internationally. I am really looking forward to strengthening Israeli-Austrian relations, networking with interesting people and organising innovative events!

Which institutions does the AICC work with?

The AICC regularly works with LGP, benefiting from the building’s modern amenities and organising various meetings and networking events. These can take the form of business breakfasts, after-work gatherings, receptions, and conferences. The AICC also works closely with the Israeli Embassy, organising joint events. Additionally, the AICC is hoping to be a co-organiser of the Green Peak Festival in September 2023.

What highlights are planned for 2023?

The opening of LGP’s new office in Dubai next March is a definite highlight, the organisation of which the AICC will actively support. It is also very important to mention that we will celebrate the State of Israel’s 75th anniversary in May! We are planning our own event for this occasion, possibly in partnership with the Israeli Embassy in Vienna.

Another very special highlight for me is our upcoming delegation to Israel in June 2023, for which AICC’s board will invite about ten people and organise a diverse cultural programme. It will be a mix of tourism, interesting lectures by speakers and exciting excursions. Visits to Yad Vashem and the Knesset are part of the agenda.