Certified brand efficiency with added value


The importance of brands has increased significantly since the coronavirus pandemic among consumers as well as company shareholders, investors and employees. It is therefore important to qualitatively and quantitively value brands as key economic assets.

The famous slogan, “people buy brands not products”, has lost none of its relevance in our global communication society. Well-managed brands, which sometimes account for half of a company’s value, continue to operate at the intersection between customer emotions and management methodology. Many investors increasingly recognise the advantages of a strong brand because they associate it with increased profitability, lower risk as well as lower future cash flow volatility. Consequently, the holistic value of a brand as an intangible asset is an extremely important balance sheet indicator for potential investors. Periodic brand valuations are helpful in determining “return on brand investment” and subsequently evidencing marketing efficiency.


The European Brand Institute (EBI), founded by Gerhard Hrebicek, is Europe’s leading institute for the valuation of intangible assets and the evaluation and certification of brands. LGP Managing Partner Gerald Ganzger is part of the Advisory Board of the European Brand Institute as an expert in media law, intellectual property, trademark law and litigation PR. As a media lawyer and conflict resolution expert known throughout Austria, Gerald Ganzger understands the importance of effectively protecting trademarks. Only through registration the trademark, its associated functions, as well as the ideas of his clients are legally protected.

Gerhard Hrebicek is founder and president of the European Brand Institute with more than 25 years of experience in trademark and patent valuation. As a globally recognised independent brand valuation expert who developed the first global brand valuation standard in 2004, he and his partners are active in brand and patent valuation, brand- and IP-oriented corporate structuring, brand- and IP reporting, and investments in brands and brand certification.

The European Brand Institute (EBI) focuses primarily on brand and patent valuation. EBI contributes to sustainable development worldwide and in Europe through ongoing research and participation in the international standardisation of brand and patent valuation – in particular the development of ISO standards for brand valuation – as well as advisory and consultancy services in the areas of corporate finance, balance sheet capitalisation, implementation of brand measurement and reporting as well as for investments in brands. EBI and its brand valuation company are the only organisations globally certified according to ISO 20671,10668:2010 and ÖNORM A 6800 and offer the “ISO Certified Brand” programme for companies, organisations and regions.