Slovak & Czech Republic


Lansky, Ganzger, Jacko & Partner, s. r. o., is the Slovak branch of the international business law firm LGP. LGP Slovakia serves as a cornerstone of our law firm’s international set-up: we bridge boundaries, connect markets and create opportunities, be it in our CEE home markets, CIS or Asia. In doing so, we address individual needs and leverage an international network that reaches beyond Europe and the CIS region. Thus, we enable our clients to work across several jurisdictions.

LGP offers legal services for national and international clients who seek to manage their business in a pragmatic way. We solve a wide range of legal issues in day-to-day business life.

Our new office in the Czech Republic offers new opportunities for our clients because of its geographical location, especially when it comes to entering European markets or looking for producers for goods.

In the automotive, plant engineering/smart factory and electrical/electronic/mechatronic sectors, the Czech Republic has been experiencing an upswing for years despite various crises. Because of this economic security and our expertise in the country, we are happy to help support your expansion or future planning and accompany you during the process.

Creating opportunities

Our team members at LGP Slovakia have a strong orientation towards the construction industry, infrastructure projects, and automotive industry. Together with our partners from other professional areas we deliver integrated advice from a single source, with technical, civil engineering, FIDIC management, management consultancy, tax and customs services, forensic services and PR experts. In addition to the cooperation with external consultants, we have our in-house consultants who serve as an interface and contribute to the best possible solutions.

Connecting markets

We help clients enter new markets in Eastern Europe, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan,China and the VAE. Together with our international colleagues we solve a wide range of legal issues in day-to-day business life. Our network includes partner firms in more than 50 jurisdictions.

Bridging boundaries

We believe proactive public affairs work can be crucial to the sustainability of a clients' economic, political and legal relations. Our support involves management issues and representing stakeholders' interests.

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