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The resolution of cross-border disputes and the handling of international legal projects is placing increased demands on the expertise of lawyers. With our cooperation with the law firm of A1 Law Office, LGP offers its clients the opportunity to effectively secure their legal rights in the Russian Federation.

We are convinced that despite the current political circumstances, the law and the fundamental rights of our clients must remain independent of interference and shall form the focal point of resolving legal issues.

Helen Steinpass takes over the management of LGP’s operations

In her new role as Head of Operations, Helen Steinpass (34) will be responsible for the cross-divisional office organization. It forms the interface between the management and the employees in the administration and secretariats. Helen Steinpass assumes a special position of trust in which she contributes her communication and organisational strength. It ensures the smooth administrative organisation at LGP – against the background of the broadening of management, the internationalisation in association with Andersen Global and the digitization of organisational processes in the firm. Helen Steinpass was most recently management assistant to the firm’s founder Gabriel Lansky.

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Thinking Big: An Interview on Andersen Global

Much has happened in the last six months of 2018: on 14 September 2018, at the first meeting of the EU Regional Board in Portugal, Gabriel Lansky was appointed to the European Board of Andersen Global. On this occasion, media scientist and journalist Michael Freund spoke with Mark Vorsatz (CEO Andersen Tax LLC/Andersen Global) and Gabriel Lansky. Read more about the background, goals and advantages of this worldwide alliance of lawyers and tax consultants. 

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Andersen Global builds on LGP for its expansion

As of July 2018, LANSKY, GANZGER + partner (LGP) is collaborating with the international association of legally independent member firms providing worldwide tax and legal advice. Via this global association, our clients have access to more than 3,000 professionals in nearly 40 countries. Additionally, we have expanded our portfolio in the area of tax law. In return, Andersen Global gains access to highly interesting, relatively self-sufficient markets with regional market leaders in the countries of Eastern and Southeast Europe by the collaboration with LGP.

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LGP News #14 - EU Strategic Talks

Issue 01/2018 of our info magazine LGP News shines a light on the future of the European Union. On 4 June 2018, just a few weeks ahead of Austria’s official takeover of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Haus der Europäischen Union in the heart of Vienna turned into a think-tank for the Europe of the future. At the premiere of the “EU Strategic Talks” hosted by ourselves and international law firm Amsterdam & Partners LLP, over 220 guests and numerous journalists were able to watch renowned experts from the fields of politics and commerce discuss pressing questions for the EU: does the increase in nationalism place social cohesion at risk? What needs to be done to fight the crisis clearly facing the EU? And what is going to happen to the Western Balkans states? Read more about the most important answers and findings, personal statements from the conference participants and a selection of photographs. Also, we have some positive internal developments to announce: on 1 January 2018, we expanded our firm’s management by the appointment of Julia Andras as new LGP Managing Partner. And as of July 2018, LGP is collaborating with the international alliance of tax and legal advisors: Andersen Global builds on LGP for the expansion in Europe. 

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LGP is adding to its partners: Julia Andras is made Managing Partner

Attorney-at-law Julia Andras (38) has joined the management of our law firm since January 2018. Andras, who holds a doctorate in law, specialises in employment law, litigation, tort law, warranty law and general civil law, and has been working at LGP for more than 15 years. She has recently been in the public eye as a result of media interest in her cases – for example, in connection with the process to seek compensation from the region of Upper Austria on behalf of children who had previously been in care, or the legal dispute revolving around a plot of land on the shore of Lake Wörthersee. Away from the glare of the media spotlight, Julia Andras has also offered all-round assistance on economic matters for well-known companies and public institutions, including gambling companies, media institutions, publishing houses and infrastructure service providers. Julia Andras is Secretary-General of the Austrian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce (AICC) and a member of the board of the International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ), an internationally active NGO based in Israel.

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LGP NEWS #13 - Competition & anti-trust

This issue shines a spotlight on competition law. Therefore, we are especially delighted that Theodor Thanner, Director-General of the Austrian Federal Competition Authority, was able to participate in a face-to-face interview with us. Business journalist Arne Johannsen discussed whistle-blowers, the risks of a Lufthansa monopoly and the challenges posed by digitalisation with him. Apart from that, we are also turning our gaze to other interesting elements of this complex legal issue as part of our focus on the topic. We will show you how the ban on state subsidies can be a useful tool in competition law, which legal obstacles prevent consumers affected by cartels from asserting claims for compensation, and what the most recent amendment to competition law will actually mean in practice. Now for a change of scenery: did you know that the global translation industry turns over around 45 billion US dollars per annum? Despite this, many language professionals feel that they are being discriminated against in their quest for fair pay and fair working conditions as a result of disputes relating to anti-trust matters. 

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LGP News #11 - New prospects for investors!

New market abuse regime (MAR) brings tougher sanctions - Special audit: an effective tool for a company’s Supervisory board - Corporate risk provisioning will keep you out of the dock - Intervies: nothing but the truth!  - How to overcome cross-cultural barriers in legal business communication - Outsourced public services entities: a complex field of activity seen from the legal perspective - Promotion of investment in Kazakhstan - Interview: The right time to invest in Slovakia - Changes to Slovakia’s civil and administrative proceedings code - Ready for investment opportunities: discover Macedonia! - China M&A – what factors need to be considered? - To be or not to be a tax resident?

Copies available from 20 December 2016:

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LGP News #10 - Diversity as an asset!

Business Judgment Rule: More legal security for business-related discretionary decisions? Useful tips - All new in the world of employment law? - Astana’s EXPO 2017: A blueprint for sustainable energy policy? - Breathing new life into EU's energy infrastructure - Food labeling: Is the free movement of goods in danger? - Serbia: On the right track to EU-Accession - Astana’s EXPO 2017: A source of opportunities for investors - New anti-trust provisions in Slovakia - Debt regulation procedures for building projects - Interview: Diversity as an asset - UEFA and Kosovo: Let sport be sport! - Latest news

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