Travel & Tourism Law


Tourism law reflects not only the rights of international and domestic tourists, but also the legal obligations of tour operators, travel agents and other key players in this industry. The main purpose of tourism law is to create a fair and equitable environment for travel customers and organisations. For example, tourism law comes into play when dealing with goods and services that are provided and situations where laws ensure that restaurants serve food that is safe to consume and that the premises are free from hazards.


  • Travel contract law and travel insurance law
  • Individual travel law
  • Travel agency law
  • Visas
  • Transport law
  • Freight transport law
  • Aviation law
  • Railway law
  • Maritime law

LGP has extensive experience in all aspects of travel and tourism law and are dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality legal advice and representation. We are committed to helping our clients to achieve their legal goals while remaining compliant with the applicable regulations.

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