About Us



With more than 100 employees and lawyers from more than 20 countries, LGP ranks among the largest corporate law firms in Austria and Slovakia.

The law firm, with offices in Austria, Slovakia, North Macedonia and Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Czech Republic, has many years of in-depth experience, and provides its clients with individual, strategic and pragmatic all-in-one solutions.

LGP works closely with external specialists and has a global, cross-border network of advisors. The law firm consciously chose its integrated approach and is quite distinct from the general standard of conventional, purely legal advice.

Legal representation and social responsibility do not exclude one another. Therefore, we are highly committed to pro bono cases in the areas of human rights, family law and youth protection, both in Austria and on an international level.


At a glance


LGP is a leading, owner-managed law firm with more than 100 employees in Vienna, Bratislava, Skopje and Astana, Ras Al Khaimah, Dubai, Istanbul and Prague. Our branch office in Bratislava has a team of 20 lawyers.

LGP acts as a link between cross-border clients from the infrastructure, energy and transport industries in Central and Eastern Europe. With the support of local law firms we advise our clients in over fifty countries.



  • 100 lawyers and employees
  • Multilingual: 25 languages, 20 nationalities, in-house translators
  • Full service: Compliance Consulting, Litigation, PR & Lobbying
  • For more than 10 years: biggest Russia & CIS desks in Austria
  • Geographical focal points: SEE, CEE, Russia, Turkey, China & UAE
  • Since 2022: offices in Ras Al Khaimah & Dubai, UAE; Istanbul, Turkey and Prague, Czech Republic
  • Since 2019: office in Skopje, North Macedonia
  • Since 2013: office in Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Since 2007: office in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Cooperating partners in over 50 countries
+ More than 100 employees and lawyers from more than 20 countries



What makes us different.
And how you benefit from it.

Excellent lawyers, tailor-made solutions, international branch offices: that's what you can expect from a leading corporate law firm such as LGP. Our decisive added value for you is LGP’s approach of thinking outside the box. By this, we mean the ability to leverage everything we have in order to find the best solution for our clients. Our team consists of more than 100 legal experts and supporting professionals. For the advantage of our clients, we practice this approach as we preach it.

Lateral thinking isn’t a cliché, but our fundamental way of approaching legal advice

For you as our client, this means ensuring that your interests are represented by lawyers who can think across all industries, disciplines and systems – combined with business pragmatism. Almost one third of the lawyers at LGP have previous professional experience in highly-specialized subjects – from medicine to journalism and music. They incorporate this knowledge into their work as lawyers, using unconventional ingredients to find the most successful solutions.

Networked to assert your rights

You can count on our network, which extends far beyond the borders of Austria, as we represent your interests at the intersection of business, media and politics. If necessary, we employ other advisors or service providers to help solve your problems – from investment consultants to private investigators and civil engineers. This approach enables us to prevent some legal problems even before they arise and solve the most complicated of cases. That's what asserting your rights looks like!

+ Modern representation of interests at the crossroad of business, law and politics

LGP Project Solutions


Partner for your Project

LGP Project Solutions GmbH (LGP PS) is your partner for the development of your projects – from restructuring and (commercial) real estate developments, to business start-ups or liquidation and forensic special audits, or other projects that require advice beyond a legal perspective.

LGP PS supports you in all projects, develops strategies and appropriate financing models, analyses the strengths and weaknesses of your company and incorporates the right partners to implement all necessary measures. You benefit from our network, which we have built up over decades, knowledge of the market and extensive experience in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

Our Services:

  • Structural analysis; support in legal analysis
  • Market overview
  • Forensic special audits
  • Consulting on real estate and project development
  • Financing models & preparation of decision-making criteria for investors
  • Consulting in the event of restructuring