LGP HAS PROFOUND EXPERTISE WHEN IT COMES TO crafting tailor-made solutions for clients. International companies need individual support for all their branches and expansion activities.

What is common practice in Vienna may be completely different in China, Russia or already in Slovakia and the Western Balkans. As an interface between law, politics and business, the firm relies on a competent network of the best lawyers around the globe, who are coordinated by regional managers. All of them are native-speaking lawyers from the respective target countries, and have perfect command of the respective legal system, familiarity with cultural and local customs and comprehensive market and economic know-how. With several locations and strong contacts to law firms in the respective region, they guarantee the best possible advice for clients.

LGP is currently already represented at eight locations. With its headquarters in Vienna and additional offices in Bratislava (Slovakia), Skopje (North Macedonia), Astana (Kazakhstan), Ras Al Khaimah and Dubai (UAE), Istanbul (Turkey) and Prague (Czech Republic), LGP continues to expand. New offices are currently being planned. 


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