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„First aid ++“

Neue Finanzhilfen für slowakische Unternehmen

„First aid ++“

As the state of emergency in Slovakia due to the Covid 19 pandemic is still ongoing, higher state financial aid for employers and self-employed persons now contributes even more efficiently to supporting and maintaining employment. 

The Corona crisis has put many Slovak firms in severe liquidity difficulties. In order to bridge the current aggravated phase, the Slovak government has adopted several economic aid measures, which are briefly described below. Employers (including self-employed traders) can apply for the new financial assistance from the Ministry of Labour. 

State aid for employers whose establishments have been compulsorily closed or who have had to reduce their activities 

Through this measure, it is now possible to apply for an amount equal to 100% of the total labour costs (wage costs including employer‘s social security contributions) instead of the previous 80%. The maximum limit of 1,100 euros per employee remains. 

State support for self-employed persons whose business has been compulsorily closed or who have had to reduce their activity 

This assistance applies to self-employed persons who have had to suspend their performance or business activity or whose revenue has decreased due to the measures taken by the health authorities during the period of the state of emergency. If the drop in turnover in the month in question was at least 20%, self-employed persons can receive between 330 euros and 870 euros as monthly assistance payments. However, only self-employed persons who were covered by pension and health insurance or voluntary health and pension insurance for at least half of the calendar month in question or take advantage of a so-called interruption of social contributions, are eligible to apply. 

State support for employers affected by the state of emergency 

Support for employers (including self-employed traders) who have maintained jobs for at least one month during the state of emergency or for two months after its end – including in the event of an interruption or reduction in their business activity or a drop in turnover. 

The applicant may choose between the following allowances for workers who are not receiving social security benefits (sick pay, care leave allowance) or are not on leave: 

(i) Compensation of the salary of a worker to whom the employer cannot assign work, amounting to 100% of the labour costs, but not exceeding €1,100 per month. 

(ii) Flat-rate contribution for each worker, depending on the employer‘s reduction in turnover. The maximum amount of the contribution is between 330 euros and 870 euros, depending on the decrease in turnover. 

State assistance for selected groups of self-employed who have no income during the state of emergency 

Beneficiaries are self-employed persons who have interrupted or limited the operation of their business and have not had health and social insurance or have not claimed a so-called interruption of social contributions. However, persons who carry out an activity on the basis of an agreement outside the employment relationship as well as certain one-person limited liability companies that do not fall under any of the above-mentioned measures and have no other income can also apply for a monthly allowance of 360 euros. 


JUDr. Mária Porubská Tökölyová, Associate at LANSKY, GANZGER + partner Bratislava


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