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Die Tragödie von Moria

Europa zwischen Ausweg und Ausrede

Die Tragödie von Moria

The fire in the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos confronts Europe abruptly with its years of failures in refugee policy. What to do with tens of thousands of people who have been stuck in Greece for years? Individual countries in the European Union now declare themselves willing to accept a limited number of refugees for humanitarian reasons. Die Grünen in Austria would also be in favor, but the ÖVP coalition partner fears that this would encourage even more people to flee to Europe. How can the refugee problem in Europe be solved politically in the long term? What compromises can be made without violating the limits of humanity and ethics? And how great is the explosive power of the refugee issue for the turquoise-green federal government?

LGP Senior Expert Counsel, former Foreign Minister of Greece and former EU Member of Parliament Dimitrios Droutsas was a guest of Claudia Reiterer in the ORF program "Im Zentrum" on 13.9.2020 to discuss this issue. Among the guests were also Karoline Edtstadler, Federal Minister for EU and Constitution (ÖVP), Sigrid Maurer, Klubobfrau (The Greens), Klaus Maria Brandauer, actor, director and supporter of the initiative "Courage - Mut zur Menschlichkeit" and Ulrich Körtner, ethicist and theologian. 

For Dimitrios Droutsas the conditions in Moria are intolerable. When asked where the billions in refugee aid from the EU have gone, Droutsas explains that the main focus is on the protection of the external borders.
The role of Austria from his point of view: "It is of course not my place to make any criticism here, but if I may comment on the Austrian position. It is of course very positive and very welcome, and I would like to express my personal thanks for the direct help that Austria provides materially. That is certainly very important. On the other hand, material aid alone, as important as it is at this time, is not enough.
Droutsas continued: "The solution would be that a pan-European distribution finally takes place. The fact that Austria has achieved and has helped a a lot, and has already taken in a great ammount of refugees is very positive and good and should be emphasized. But it should not lead to the conclusion that it is already done so much, that it does not need  anything more. The argument that one has already done so much should be used positively by the Austrian government. I do not believe that Austria, as I have come to know it, does not want to protect the EU's basic values here".

Here you can find the complete program from 13.9.2020 in the ORF TVTHEK



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