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ataz Business Breakfast am 15. November 2018

ataz Business Breakfast am 15. November 2018

Railways & Digitalization

On 15 November 2018 the Austrian-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce (ataz) together with system7 - rail support held a the Business Breakfast "Railways & Digitalization" at the law firm LANSKY, GANZGER + partner (LGP). The railway chiefs of both countries as well as infrastructure experts from politics and economy met each other to exchange ideas about the future of the railway and to strengthen the two "transport hubs" Austria and Azerbaijan. The main speaker of the ataz Business Breakfast was Prof. Bernhard Lichtberger, founder and CTO of system7 Railsupportataz president Gerald Gerstbauer and board member Gabriel Lansky also used the morning for the opening of the new ataz office, where gallery-owner Anne-Marie Avramut presented exhibits from her current show "Sica Art Work". Around 80 guests accepted the invitation, including ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä, Javid Gurbanov (CEO of the Azerbaijani State Railways), WKO Vice-President Christoph Matznetter, Michael Angerer (WKO Eastern Europe/Central Asia), Alexander Andreas Schierhuber (Breitspur Planungsgesellschaft), Rovshan Sadigbayli and Javid Nasirli (both embassy Republic of Azerbaijan), Hans Jörg Holleis (system7 - metal technology), District Director Ernst Nevrivy, Gerald Ganzger (LGP), Dorothea Gros (Atos) and many more.

Gabriel Lansky, LANSKY, GANZGER + partner; Gerald Gerstbauer, Atos Central & Eastern Europe; Javid Gurbanov, Aserbaidschanische Staatsbahn; Bernhard Lichtberger, system7 Railsupport; Andreas Matthä, ÖBB (Credit: SOCIETY / Richard Pobaschnig)
gallery-owner Anne-Marie Avramut presented exhibits from her current show "Sica Art Work"

Upgrading the location with investments in infrastructure

The participants of the ataz Business Breakfast see great potential for Austria's economy when it comes to the expansion of infrastructure corridors. However, one has to admit in the EU that China is "more efficient and faster in planning and financing" such projects, according to WKO Vice-President Christoph Matznetter. Attorney Gabriel Lansky also pointed out the potential of the Eurasian economic area - his law firm has been active in the Caspian Sea region for many years. "Azerbaijan has already become an important hub in the region." In terms of economic performance, the country has much more to offer than oil, according to railway chief Javid Gurbanov. Currently, the company is pushing ahead with rail expansion in order to position itself as a hub for transport between Asia and Europe. In 2017, for example, more than 1,000 km of railway line were renewed - almost entirely with technology from Austria. The Austrian Federal Railways as well as Siemens are important partners in this context. According to Andreas Matthä, ÖBB is already reacting to this development and is already planning to expand its route to Azerbaijan (there are currently daily connections to Turkey).

Gabriel Lansky, LANSKY, GANZGER + partner; Javid Gurbanov, Azerbaijan Railways; Andreas Matthä, Austrian Federal Railways

Big data, AI and automation open up new opportunities for the railways

Rapid developments in the handling of big data, the use of sensors, integrated circuits or systems controlled by artificial intelligence are opening up new possibilities for rail transport. According to Prof. Bernhard Lichtberger, in future the operator will be able to check the condition of the track or substructure on any section of line at any time. As a result, maintenance can be planned more precisely. Necessary work can be carried out faster and more cost-effectively. However, precision, efficiency and a longer service life are the result of many years of development work, human ingenuity, but also the moderate use of available technologies. 

Über die ataz

Die Österreichisch-Aserbaidschanische Handelskammer (ataz) ist eine Plattform mit dem Ziel, die Wirtschaftsbeziehungen zwischen Österreich und Aserbaidschan zu stärken und weiter auszubauen. Dies geschieht durch Networking, Information und Beratung sowie die Veranstaltung von Reisen und Events. ataz wurde 2009 als Verein nach österreichischem Recht mit Sitz in Wien gegründet und geht unter anderem auf eine Initiative von Gabriel Lansky zurück. Aktuell wird sie von Gerald Gerstbauer (Präsident) und Dorothea Gros (Generalsekretärin) geleitet.


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