Event: Colloquium with Romano Prodi

ITKAM-Colloquium mit Romano Prodi

Rethinking Europe – a Fresh Perspective

ITKAM-Colloquium mit Romano Prodi

Europe is facing a host of challenges: the outcome of the US election has put Europe in a tight spot, both in terms of economic and trade policy, and in terms of security and defending the continent. The UK voted to leave the European Union, the countries of the Western Balkans are building closer ties with the EU, Italy is holding a contested constitutional referendum, and sanctions against Russia are weakening Europe’s entire economy. At the invitation of LANSKY, GANZGER + partner (LGP), on November 22, 2016 Prof. Romano Prodi presented new ways of thinking, confronting EU scepticism and euroscepticism and putting forward ideas for boosting competitiveness. Dr. Emanuele Gatti, President of ITKAM (the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Germany), and top diplomat Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch joined Prof. Prodi for a discussion.



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