Chinese New Year with Ambassdor LI Xiaosi

Chinesisch Neujahr mit S.E. Botschafter LI Xiaosi

Chinesisch Neujahr mit S.E. Botschafter LI Xiaosi

On the occasion of the re-accreditation of the Chinese Ambassador S.E. Xiaosi Li and the Chinese New Year, KR Gertrud Tauchhammer, together with lawyer Gabriel Lansky, invited a reception in the premises of our law firm. The artistic program ranged from the performance of the "Pear Blossom Ode" by Mezzosopranist Xuelin Kossegg to the "Dancing Melody of the Yi Minority" presented to the guests by Pipa player Zhehua Wang. The singing school of the Musikschule Wien decided to end the evening with the song "Jasmins Flower". Under the direction of Christiane Fischer the young singers Katharina Rothen, Michaela Honauer, Diana Franco Camacho and Sophia Moser proved their abilities. The evening was moderated by Yutong - Yang Ji.

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Gerald Ganzger, Gertrud Tauchhammer, S.E. Xiaosi Li, Chunah Urban-Chao, Johannes Herberstein, and Gabriel Lansky
Ambassador S.E. Xiaosi Li
The ambassador, the hosts with the artists of the evening
Xuelin Kossegg accompanied by Jian Song


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