Team / Senior Expert Counsel / Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch, Ambassador ret.

Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch, Ambassador ret.

Senior Expert Counsel at LANSKY, GANZGER, GÖTH, FRANKL + partner

Dr. Wolfgang Petritsch, Ambassador ret.

Funktion: Senior Expert Counsel bei LANSKY, GANZGER, GOETH, FRANKL + partner
V-Card: download
Korrespondenz: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch

Wolfgang Petritsch, is a former Austrian Ambassador to the UN and OECD as well as the EU’s Special Envoy and Chief Negotiator for Kosovo and UN High Representative for Bosnia. He advises LGP on international issues with a focus on European Foreign and Security Policy and the countries in Eastern- and Southeastern Europe. He is well known to the wider public as a former High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina: in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he had a significant part to play in the implementation of the Dayton Agreement. He held teaching and research positions at the universities in Vienna, Harvard and Berkeley. Wolfgang Petritsch holds a PhD from the University of Vienna and was a Fulbright post-doc at USC, Los Angeles. Mr. Petritsch is the President of the Austrian Marshallplan Foundation.

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