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Business Judgment Rule: More legal security for business-related discretionary decisions? Useful tips - All new in the world of employment law? - Astana’s EXPO 2017: A blueprint for sustainable energy policy? - Breathing new life into EU's energy infrastructure - Food labeling: Is the free movement of goods in danger? - Serbia: On the right track to EU-Accession - Astana’s EXPO 2017: A source of opportunities for investors - New anti-trust provisions in Slovakia - Debt regulation procedures for building projects - Interview: Diversity as an asset - UEFA and Kosovo: Let sport be sport! - Latest news

More legal certainty for discretionary decisions?

The Business Judgment Rule (BJR) was introduced into Austrian corporate law and criminal code as part of the 2015 amendment to the criminal justice system, and came into force on 1 January 2016. Within management circles, this is the question on everybody’s lips: as a result of the BJR, has the standard of liability for business managersand supervisory boards changed, or even been raised?

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All new in the world of employment law?

A number of changes to employment law came intoeffect on 1 January 2016. In summary, these employment law reforms can be described as quite clear. In spite of this, failure to comply with these changescan, however, invoke extensive legal and economic consequences. For this reason it is critically important to consult a legal expert when concluding employment contracts. Here is a brief overview of the most important new regulations.

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Astana’s EXPO 2017: A source of opportunities for investors

EXPO 2017 is one of the of the key challenges for Kazakhstan in the present, a huge project receiving full attention both in Kazakhstan and worldwide. The main vision of EXPO2017 is “Future Energy”, intended to attract attention to sustainable energy management solutions and how to achieve them. Business opportunities and extensive international media coverage should outweigh potential concerns.

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A blueprint for sustainable energy policy

LGP Senior Lawyers Sagidzhan Kubashev und Gaziz Ibrayev, Leiter des LGP Büros Astana

The capital city of Astana will be promoting itself as the “City ofthe Future” at EXPO 2017. The theme of the convention, “Future Energy: Action for Global Sustainability”, makes EXPO 2017 a must for international companies and partners. In 2011, the “Green Bridge Partnership Programme” was established in collaboration with the United Nations in order to bolster sustainable and environmentally friendly strategies for the Kazakh economy. Will Kazakhstan become a regional pioneer in the promotion of the “green”energy revolution? We have spoken with both of the Kazakh experts from theLGP office in Astana, Gaziz Ibrayev and Sagidzhan Kubashev.

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Breathing new life into energy infrastructure

Recently, legal, political, and financial incentives have been offered both on an EU level andwithin Austria to encourage the expansion of infrastructure within the energy sector. These havecome hand in hand with a whole host of new opportunities: it is now time to capitalise onthem by bringing in the appropriate expertise.

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Is the free movement of goods in danger?

In March 2016 the “Agriculture and Fisheries” configuration of the Council of the European Union met to discuss the “traffic light” system of food labelling used in the United Kingdom and certain other European countries to display the health-related nutrient content of foodstuff. The discussion was led by the Netherlands, Italy and other member states who had seen sharp drops in the export of foodstuffs to the United Kingdom. According to the Italian Institute of Statistics, the United Kingdom’s traffic light system has a substantial impact on 60% of all Italian food products. A study carried out by Nomisma, a renowned Bologna-based research institute, found that sales have slumped dramatically. For example, sales of Parma ham dropped by 84% between May and July 2015, in comparison to the previous year. A number of EU countries besides Italy have been affected, begging the question as to what extent the traffic light system inhibits the free movement of goods. 

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Serbia: On the right track to EU-Accession

In 2012, Serbiawas granted statusof EU candidate country. The screening process was completed in March 2015. Serbia has now two opened negotiation chapters and additional negotiation chapters are to be opened soon.*

*This article was written in May 2016.

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New anti-trust provisions in Slovakia

Tighter controls of the Slovak PMU competition authority and new incentives for “whistleblowers” should help more effectively combat cartels in public and private requestsfor tender.


Debt regulation procedures for building projects

Contractors who run into financial difficulties because of a building project are frequently having problems settling outstanding debt with their bankand other creditors on time. Debt restructuring can help avoid impending bankruptcy and continuebuilding projects.

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Diversity as an asset

Their surnames range from Amiri to Bilkan, Dzafo to Egrlic, and Imsirevic to Jelovic, but they have two things in common: they fled their home countries to escape war, and are now working in Austria as trainee lawyers, management assistants, technical employees or switchboard operators at LGP. Six people from migrant backgrounds reveal their very own success stories. 

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An Innovative Breakfast

“It is real – it is Israel”: at the AICC Business Breakfast, Yifat Inbar, Head of the Israeli Economic and Trade Mission to South Germany and Austria at the Israel Trade Centre (Munich), provided insight into Israel’s hightech industry.

Emergency clause tightens up Austria's asylum laws

Influx of Refugees to Europe –Legal Framework and Solutions”: On 26 April 2016, an expert panel gathered to discuss the emergency law passed by the Austrian Parliament on 27 April 2016 allowing asylum-seekers to be turned away at the border.

Smart city talks enter third round

Legal experts are sceptical about “smart cities”, particularly with regard to privacy and data security. This was evident inthe panel discussion held on 18 May 2016, on the topic of“Big Data in the Smart City: Threat or Opportunity”.

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