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In the spotlight: EU Strategic Talks

In the spotlight: EU Strategic Talks

Issue 01/2018 shines a light on the future of the European Union. On 4 June 2018, just a few weeks ahead of Austria’s official takeover of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Haus der Europäischen Union in the heart of Vienna turned into a think-tank for the Europe of the future. At the premiere of the “EU Strategic Talks” hosted by ourselves and international law firm Amsterdam & Partners LLP, over 220 listeners and numerous journalists were able to watch renowned experts from the fields of politics and commerce discuss pressing questions for the EU: does the increase in nationalism place social cohesion at risk? What needs to be done to fight the crisis clearly facing the EU? And what is going to happen to the Western Balkans states? We have put together a special 12-page section to provide you with the most important answers and findings, personal statements from the conference participants and a selection of photographs. Also, we have some positive internal developments to announce: on 1 January 2018, we expanded our firm’s management by the appointment of Julia Andras as new LGP Managing Partner – more on this on page 23. And as of July 2018, LGP is collaborating with the international alliance of tax and legal advisors: Andersen Global builds on LGP for the expansion in Europe. 

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LGP brings leading politicians and experts to a conference about the future of Europe

In early June, LANSKY, GANZGER + partner, in cooperation with the representation of the European Commission, the European Parliament, and Amsterdam and Partners LLP, organised the EU Strategic Talks at the House of the European Union in Vienna to address the central issues that will be faced by Austria’s European Council Presidency. Some might ask why an international business law firm would go to such great lengths and take on the cost and effort of organising a full-day conference on issues of European politics. Office Managing Partner Gabriel Lansky has a simple answer.

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LGP as a think tank for the EU accession

“Stability in the Neighborhood – Bringing the Western Balkans or South-Eastern Europe to the EU” is one of the leading priorities of the Austrian EU Council Presidency. LGP has maintained close contact with politics and businesses in this region for many years and advises both as a legal and as a political consultant. Legal expert Alexander Egger explains what it takes to advise candidate countries on their accession to the European Union.

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Brexit: the countdown has started – but far too slowly

Brexit, and its consequences, was one of the main topics of the EU Strategic Talks. Governor of the Austrian National Bank Ewald Nowotny sees little chances for reaching a meaningful agreement in time.

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„I’m very worried about Europe“ – an interview with Gabriel Lansky

Our Office Managing Partner Gabriel Lansky on the necessity of EU Strategic Talks, the lack of vision, the gap between liberal and authoritarian tendencies, and fundamental decisions for a Europe of the future.

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Successful kick-off: EU Strategic Talks

Well in time before Austria assumes the rotating EU Council Presidency, the House of the European Union in Vienna’s historic city centre turned into a think tank for the future of Europe. At the invitation of LANSKY, GANZGER + partners, attorneys at law, numerous experts came to Vienna to discuss urgent questions regarding the European Union: Is increasing nationalism endangering the cohesiveness of the community? Which steps are necessary to overcome the obvious crises the EU is facing? What will be next for the countries of the Western Balkans? Our review.

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International: Azerbaijani Service and Assessment Network

ASAN services modernise public administration. The abbreviation ASAN stands for “Azerbaijani Service and Assessment Network”, a unique service model for modernising and providing public services. Today, ASAN can look back on five years of success. It’s no coincidence that the word “asan” means “easy” or “simple” in Azerbaijani. 

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Russia and Austria: Automatic Exchange of Tax Information

More and more countries have signed up to this automatic exchange of information so that tax evasion and tax havens can be fought in an even more effective manner – Austria and Russia both joined the agreement as of 2018. 

Andersen Global builds on LGP for ist expansion in Europe

As of July 2018, LGP is collaborating with the international association of legally independent member firms providing worldwide tax and legal advice.

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Julia Andras is made managing partner

As per 1 January 2018, LGP has expanded its management and has appointed attorney-at-law Julia Andras to the role of Managing Partner. Andras, who holds a doctorate in law, specialises in employment law, litigation, tort law, warranty law and general civil law, has been working at LGP for more than 15 years. She has recently been in the public eye as a result of media interest in her cases.

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