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Info Magazine LGP News 13

This issue shines a spotlight on competition law. Therefore, we are especially delighted that Theodor Thanner, Director-General of the Austrian Federal Competition Authority, was able to participate in a face-to-face interview with us. Business journalist Arne Johannsen discussed whistle-blowers, the risks of a Lufthansa monopoly and the challenges posed by digitalisation with him. Apart from that, we are also turning our gaze to other interesting elements of this complex legal issue as part of our focus on the topic. We will show you how the ban on state subsidies can be a useful tool in competition law, which legal obstacles prevent consumers affected by cartels from asserting claims for compensation, and what the most recent amendment to competition law will actually mean in practice. Now for a change of scenery: did you know that the global translation industry turns over around 45 billion US dollars per annum? Despite this, many language professionals feel that they are being discriminated against in their quest for fair pay and fair working conditions as a result of disputes relating to anti-trust matters. 

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Obligatory gender quotas for supervisory boards

The Act for the Equality of Women and Men on Supervisory Boards (Gleichstellungsgesetz von Frauen und Männernim Aufsichtsrat [GFMA-G]) comes into force at the start of January 2018, and amends the Stock Corporation Act, the Limited Liability Companies Act, the SE Act, the Cooperatives Act and the Labour Constitution Act with the aim of attaining equal representation of men and women on supervisory boards.

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Stock Exchange Act 2018: voluntary delisting

The new 2018 Stock Exchange Act came into force on3 January 2018. For the first time, a publicly listed joint-stock company will be able to remove its stock from the stock exchange voluntarily, provided the conditions as laid downin the legislation have been fulfilled.

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Anti-Money Laundering Directive (EU 2015/849) comes into effect

The primary objective of the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (EU 2015/849) is to fight terror financing and money laundering. To meet this objective, the Act for the Registration of Beneficial Owners (Wirtschaftliche Eigentümer Registergesetz, WiEReG) was passed in June 2017.

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Cover story: the competition authority needs to operate transparently

LGP News talks with Theodor Thanner, Director-General of the Austrian Federal Competition Authority, on whistle-blowers, the risk of a Lufthansa monopoly and the challenges posed by digitalisation.

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The ban on government subsidies: a useful tool in competition law

The ban on government subsidies is often seen as a barrier to entrepreneurial activity. This report is intended to shine a light on some lesser-known aspects of the subsidy ban with regard to legal practice.

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Private enforcement in anti-trust law

European competition legislation has always encouraged the creation of a single market with free, genuine competition. However, to date neither the new EU Directive 2014/104/EU nor national legislators have been able to do away with all the obstacles in the way of asserting claims for compensation made by purchasers who have suffered losses as a result of cartels.

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Competition law: what the 2017 amendment has brought to the table

The unwieldy title of the “2017 Act for the Amendment of Antitrust and Competition Legislation” and its similarly awkward abbreviation KaWeRÄG designates an entire package designed to amend the acts that form the core of competition law.

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Language service providers under scrutiny of antitrust authorities

In the booming language services market, passions run high. In the struggle for fair labour conditions and remuneration, freelance translators and interpreters feel increasingly discriminated in antitrust disputes and call on their professional organisations to strengthen the protection of their members.

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What you need to know about Chinese overseas investment

Recent changes to Chinese regulations on capital transactions have led to restrictions on certain kinds of investments while others are now being promoted. Despite the number of foreign exchange regulations, Austria and the EU remain lucrative business partners for Chinese investors who attempt to enter into the market or strive to expand their field of business.

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Sanctions: the law of repetition?

International trade has spent decades striving towards globalisation. Recently, however, some countries have turned their efforts to regional and bilateral trade relations. Key global players such as the USA, China and the EU are playing a central role in this regard.

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A challenge for the Eurasian Economic Union

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) was founded on29 May 2014 with the aim of enabling the free movement of goods and services, the free movement of capital and individuals, and the promotion of a politically unified strategy in the sectors of the economy included under this agreement. But does this common single market really work in practice?

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Lex Agrokor: state support for companies of systemic importance

The Croatian parliament passed the ‘Act on Special Administrative Procedure for Companies of Systemic Importance for the Republic of Croatia’ on 6 April 2017. This controversial law is also known as ‘Lex Agrokor’, and is intended to permit an administrator appointed by the government to prevent the largest agricultural and food corporation in South-Eastern Europe from financial collapse.

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Slovakia: new form of company "SJC"

The Amended Commercial Code, effective since January 1st 2017, has introduced a new form of company: the simple jointstock company (hereinafter “SJC”). The new SJC is aimed to be a suitable form for a company for risky investments, such as investments in start-ups.

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Regional investment aid in Slovakia

On 1 January 2018, a new Act on regional investment aid will enter into force (hereinafter the “Act”) in the Slovak Republic. In response to changes in the business environment new investments will increasingly flow into less developed areas of the Slovak Republic and thus aims to eliminate regional disparities.

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Active: updates & events@LGP

GDPR: the clock is ticking!

The GDPR comes into force on 25 May 2018, but has been the source of many headaches for decision-makers and IT officers for around two years now. S&T and LGP discussed how companies could best protect personal data, from a legal and technical standpoint, as part of an information event held on 24 October.

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A distinguished new joiner to LGP

Wolf-Dietrich von Fircks has been new Of Counsel at LGP since September 2017. The German lawyer, who was formerly Head of the University of Veterinary Medicine of Vienna, advises the firm and its clients on issues of university law, the integration and spinning-off of university research institutes and the development of business concepts for spin-offs.

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Dialogue for the protection of the rule of law

The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ) and LGP organized the opening event of the Viennese Dialogue for the Protection of the Rule of Law at the Österreichische Kontrollbank (OeKB) on 20 June 2017.

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Data protection is a key legal matter

At a seminar organised by Hotel & Touristik magazine on 12 September 2017, GDPR experts Gerald Ganzger, Amra Bajraktarevic and Andreas Bauer explained what to watch out for ahead of the General Data Protection Regulation’s coming into force.

High-level e-mobility event in Vienna

The Austrian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce (AICC), The Blue Minds Company, WeXelerate and the Austrian Automobile Club (ÖAMTC) jointly put on an event on 19 October 2017 at the new start-up hub in Vienna’s Sofitel, under the banner of ‘The Future of Mobility’.

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Business Breakfast Russia

Despite sanctions still being in place, import substitution and localisation policies mean that well-known European companies are once again investing in the Russian market. On 7 November 2017, a host of experts got together to provide information on the current economic and legal climate in Russia.

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Belgrade Strategic Dialoge

In June 2017, Serbia launched new discussions about European integration, thereby establishing a bridge between Europe and Russia. LGP is assisting with this process to increase regional stability in the Western Balkan states.

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EXPO Astana: Showcase model Austria

The seminar “Austria: Bridging East andWest” took place on 7 September 2017 as part of the global “Future Energy” exhibition (EXPO Astana). In collaboration with the Austrian Foreign Trade Office – represented by trade delegate Michael Müller and tax advisor Dimitar Hristov (LeitnerLeitner) – Anna Zeitlinger, head of LGP’s office in Astana, invited around 60 entrepreneurs to join her in the Austria pavilion.

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New publication on the employer’s liability privilege

Managing Partner Julia Andras heads up LGP’s litigation practice. Her new publication discusses the application of the controversial employer’s liability privilege regarding “non-staff individuals”.

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