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Occupational healthcare is a new service

in the LGP network

Occupational healthcare is a new service

Occupational healthcare for larger companies is usually handled by occupational health centres (AMZ) such as the AMZ of LGG Healthcare Services GmbH. The aim is to bundle the comprehensive service competences and add occupational medicine 4.0. 

What makes the new AMZ LGG Healthcare Services stand out for you? 

Gerstbauer: I am pleased that as managing director of the largest occupational health centre in Austria, I can contribute my many years of experience from the IT industry. Through the joint venture between FasTest and LGG Industrial Holdings, two dynamic teams have come together a market leader in medical services and one of the leading law firms in Central Europe. We are trying to bundle this comprehensive service expertise and add Occupational Medicine 4.0. We have the vision of building a digitised, modern, occupational health centre that focuses on employees and maps new developments in the labour market such as working from home and flexible working. The AMZ is a valuable addition to the existing services in the LGP network. 

Why did you specialise in occupational medicine? 

Vrabl: I chose occupational medicine because I can play a preventive role in keeping people healthy in their working environment. As an occupational physician, I also have to take enough time to be able to answer all the questions of individual employees about their health. In addition, my work is interesting and varied, as I get to know a wide variety of professions and associated tasks very well. 

What specific services are offered? 

Gerstbauer: In principle, AMZ LGG Healthcare Services provides occupational health services in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This includes classic occupational healthcare to the extent required by law, counselling in maintaining and promoting health, support in workplace planning and implementation of company vaccinations, first aid courses, workplace evaluations and the development of company prevention concepts. In addition, we also offer further developments in occupational healthcare, such as occupational COVID testing, comprehensive care in all matters of pandemic control, health care for employees working from home, sustainability reports, medical advice for foreign travel, project development in the areas of healthy nutrition, stress prevention, ergonomics at the workplace and work-life balance. 

Why is occupational medicine such an important field? 

Vrabl: Occupational medicine starts with prevention, i.e. it helps people to maintain their health to a large extent. And it does so directly where occupational activity takes place, since people spend a large part of their adult lives at work. If stress is minimised or, in the best case, eliminated, this helps each individual employee to maintain his or her ability to work into old age. This is a significant help, especially given the expected increase in retirement age. 


KommR Gerald Gerstbauer, MBA, MLE, Managing Director at LGG Healthcare Services

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