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Info Magazine LGP NEWS 02/2022

Info Magazine LGP NEWS 02/2022

TURNING POINT - Transformation of the Rule of Law in Times of Crisis

Unstable crisis situations – which have become increasingly frequent due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine – raise many legal questions, especially in an international context. What happens if contracts cannot be fulfilled at all or at least not in time due to an event of Force Majeure? Managing Partner Valentin Neuser explains the best course of action for contracting parties in those cases in order to mitigate economic disadvantages and legal uncertainties as best as possible. Read more on page 4. 

At least a small glimmer of hope for recognised displaced persons from Ukraine could come from the Mass Influx Directive 2001/55/ EC adopted at the European level in March 2022. This is because the ID for displaced persons in the form of a “Blue Card” facilitates a temporary residence title as well as access to health insurance and the labour market. We shed light on the relevant foreign national and labour law content from an Austrian perspective and provide practical tips to consider before taking up an employment. 

Change of topic: in a three-page interview, SPÖ Member of the National Council and justice spokeswoman Selma Yildirim gives an exciting insight into family law matters and reports on equal rights in the family, conflict situations in the event of divorce, and the increasing need for protection against violence and post-marital maintenance. LGP Managing Partner Julia Andras and Associate Andreea Muresan posed the questions. 

The latest news from the fascinating world of Web 3.0 should be of particular interest for those companies that want to move into the digital space. Managing Partner Ronald Frankl, who also successfully leads our LGP team “Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies”, informs us about innovative metaverse business models, new NFT collections, the Decentralised Autonomous Organization (DAO) as a virtual company form and the purchase of digital properties. 

Did you know that the Republic of Northern Macedonia has the oldest mining legacy of the entire Balkan Peninsula? Or that LGP is actively involved in new renewable energy projects in the Western Balkans as a one-stop-shop provider? Arlind Zeqiri, Managing Partner of LGP Skopje and LGP Business Development Director, clarifies further. 

We wish you, our friends and clients, an exciting and informative read.  

Force Majeure – Contract Design in Uncertain Times

The current conflict in Ukraine raises difficult legal questions for many international companies. What happens if you cannot fulfil your contracts, or at least not fulfil them on time? Can the contract be legally terminated? Is there a risk of damage claims? What else must be considered in such a situation? 

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Slovakian companies under the spell of force majeure

Whether in the context of the pandemic or the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine- the notion of “force majeure” and the related assertion of claims by the parties concerned has recently become more frequent. The impacts on the business environment in Slovakia that are associated with it are described in the article below. 

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Immigration law and labour market access for displaced persons

As a result of the war in Ukraine, in March 2022 the implementation of the Mass Influx Directive 2001/55/EC was decided at European level for the first time. For recognised displaced persons, this confers temporary residence as well as access to health insurance and the domestic labour market. We shed light on the relevant foreign national and labour law content from an Austrian perspective and provide practical tips before taking up employment.

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Bankruptcy avoidance through public preventive restructuring

On 17 July 2022, the Act on the Resolving of Imminent Insolvency will enter into force in Slovakia. This Act introduces a new instrument to help entrepreneurs and legal persons to resolve their impending bankruptcy through public preventive restructuring. 

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Tactics against fake news and hate speech

Free and unlimited access to knowledge and information has become easier than ever. Information spreads rapidly through the internet and its social networks. This brings along the risk that messages are increasingly shared and reproduced without any kind of verification. 

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Metaverse and NFTs – the digital world in Web 3.0

The tech giant Facebook attracted world-wide attention when it rebranded around a new concept and changed its well-known name to “Meta”. However, Facebook is not alone – Microsoft & Co are paving a new digital path that countless project developers from the Web 3.0 scene are beginning to follow. 

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Classifying DAOs as companies

The term “Decentralised Autonomous Organisation” (DAO) from the world of DeFi (Decentralised Financial Markets) is on everyone’s lips. For newcomers to this field, it can be frustrating to deal with a multitude of abstract terms. Below is an overview of the latest developments in the digital economy. 

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Supply Chain Act – how corporations should be liable in the future

In the wake of globalisation, supply chains have become increasingly international, and are now dominated by non-EU Member States with lower environmental and human rights standards. This often leads to European companies indirectly prolonging, or at least profiting from, these conditions in the countries of production. 

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LGP initiative against illegal gambling

In Austria, games of chance are regulated by the Gaming Act (Glücksspielgesetz, GSpG). Online casinos that do not have an Austrian licence are invalid under case law and therefore ineffective. Many players often do not know that they can successfully reclaim verifiable losses by filing a lawsuit in court. 

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Withdrawal from life insurance policies From the consumer's point of view

The following article deals with a highly topical and personally relevant issue for many policyholders: the right to withdraw from a life insurance policy for an indefinite period of time and the payments to consumers that are linked to them. 

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Violence is totally unacceptable in any situation ...

Member of the National Council Selma Yildirim (SPÖ) discusses intra-family equality, divorce-related conflict, the increasing need for protection from violence, and post-marital maintenance. The interview was conducted by LGP Managing Partner Julia Andras and Associate Andreea Muresan. 

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Western Balkans invest in green energy

In recent months, the Western Balkans have been facing high and volatile energy prices. This is mainly due to a lack of sustainable power generation capacities and a great dependency on the import of electricity or fossil fuels (oil and gas) needed to produce electricity. 

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Mining potential in the Western Balkans

The mining industry is not just about extracting minerals: for the development of raw materials, this highly complex key industry uses new intelligent technologies that are oriented towards the needs of the processing industry. This ensures efficient, safeand clean operations that are in line with environ- mentally friendly mining standards.

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Strategic Business Development at LGP

Professional Business Development (BD) has become increasinglyrelevant for entrepreneurs and the business community at large. Playing an essential part in building revenues and strengthening customer relationships, it is intended to maintain the competitiveness of a company in the long term.

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Occupational health care from A to Z

The topic of occupational healthcare is relevant for employers and employees beyond pandemics. In this LGP interview, Gerald Gerstbauer, Managing Director of LGG Healthcare Services GmbH, and occupational physician Dr. Julija Vrabl report on what this specialist field does and what takes place in occupational healthcare centres.

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Occupational healthcare is a new service in the LGP network

Occupational healthcare for larger companies is usually handled byoccupational health centres (AMZ) such as the AMZ of LGG HealthcareServices GmbH. The aim is to bundle the comprehensive service competences and add occupational medicine 4.0.

International Hydrogen Talks at LGP

On 17 March, the international business law firmLansky, Ganzger, Goeth, Frankl & Partners (LGP) organised a roundtable on hydrogen with high-profileexperts from France and Austria.

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