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LGP & Gerstbauer Strategic

dual advisory services with added value

LGP & Gerstbauer Strategic

Bringing together the resources and competencies of LGP and Gerstbauer Strategic is a winning strategy in terms of the legal and business advice provided to international clients, right down to the last detail: local and global expertise, competent multidisciplinary teams and an excellent network of partners guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Since the beginning of this year, the coronavirus has been infesting almost every country in the world, leaving no stone unturned. In addition to the health consequences for humans, the global economy has also suffered setbacks, some devastating. While some innovative industries are benefiting from the change in human behaviour, social and communication, in response to the pandemic, a large proportion of more traditional industries are falling by the wayside. Numerous entry- and exit restrictions as well as the limitations on the freedom of movement mean that the fields of tourism, gastronomy and transport companies, in particular, are suffering, as are all the companies in the art and entertainment sectors. Lockdowns and health-related stoppages have brought entire deliveries of goods to a standstill in the automotive and textile industries, among others. In addition, the different strategies pursued by individual countries in the fight against the corona pandemic also contribute to growing levels of insecurity. 

In such challenging times, companies’ existing practices and methods are usually no longer adequate for generating knowledge growth and innovation within the company at hand. External consultants can assist with quickly establishing new perspectives in the present, as well as quickly optimising and adapting processes to align with changing circumstances. In this context, it is essential to address not only the business issues but also the legal requirements associated with them. This is because every company decision is embedded in a corresponding legal structure of norms: only a dual approach can guarantee that these norms are put into practice in the best possible way. In contrast, legal problems must always be clarified in the light of the client’s economic interests and objectives in order to find the best possible solution. 

The existing cooperation between LGP and Gerstbauer Strategic embodies the synergy of legal and business advice described above, right down to the smallest detail. Close cooperation and transparent communication between these two areas are essential for a smooth process, from strategy development and analysis to formulation and implementation. Gerstbauer Strategic provides extensive knowledge, local and global expertise, technical support and project management and sales support around the globe. International experts and consultants, alongside competent multidisciplinary teams, ensure a distinctive and highly effective approach to solutions, which enables projects to be executed professionally, leaving customers utterly satisfied. 

With a growing network of partners in Austria, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, Gerstbauer Strategic assists global and European champions with projects in CAC countries, Southeast Europe and Africa. Its North American organisation is currently being established and will be launched shortly. Gerstbauer Strategic supports sales organisations as a strategic consultant at C-level and assists customers with export guarantees, tenders and contract drafting. 

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