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Info Magazine LGP NEWS 02/2019

Info Magazine LGP NEWS 02/2019

The issue 02/2019 of our information magazine LGP News is dedicated to the topic "Disruption" and takes a closer look at the far-reaching upheavals in business, politics and international relations. We also show what lies behind this Silicon Valley term. In an interview with business journalist Arne Johannsen, strategy consultant Markus Petzl and Gerald Ganzger talk about disruption and its consequences for companies and the legal system. Constant change is the essence of this era, while security and stability are in short supply. This makes comprehensive strategic consulting for decision-makers in politics and business all the more important in the present day. As part of our main topic, we also highlight other interesting aspects of disruption, such as the increasing importance of adapting legal framework conditions to the new circumstances. Finally, you will learn how digital disruption affects people's working environments and the benefits of tokenising assets on the basis of blockchain technology.


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The tokenisation of assets

At present, there is a sense of optimism in the digital world, with investors wanting to “tokenise” a diverse range of assets, such as paintings and diamonds or even real estate and company shares. What exactly is the story behind this pioneering process? (Ronald Frankl, Peter Virtbauer und Alexander Steiner, LGP News 02/2019)

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Disruption and reaction from an EU perspective

How should the law deal with disruptive developments in the present day? This question arises when it comes to protecting the international competitiveness of companies, especially at EU level – and across several policy areas at the same time. There is a need for quick and considered action. (Alexander Egger, LGP News 02/2019)

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“Innovation is always faster than the legislature …”

Influencers, Uber, Airbnb and the consequences: Gerald Ganzger and strategy consultant Markus Petzl on disruption and its consequences for companies and the legal system. Business journalist Arne Johannsen found out about the impact of disruptive business models on the legislator during a fascinating conversation with experts.

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‘Old Economy’ goes digital

Traditional companies are also managing to balance the analogue and digital worlds. Energie Steiermark lives innovation as part of its operational excellence. A guest commentary by Energie Steiermark’s Chair of the Board of Management DI (FH) Mag. (FH) Martin Graf, MBA.

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Labour law in times of digital disruption

“Disruptive” change sees an existing system being “torn apart” by innovation, but it is only perceived by most people when it affects their immediate working environment. How can this happen? (Piroska Vargha, LGP News 02/2019)

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Consumer protection on digital platforms

Digitisation is progressing at a rapid pace. As a result, in recent years the number of digital platforms has increased in many ways. In many industries such online platforms have simply become indispensable. Just think of Amazon, Ebay, Airbnb, or Uber. The legal framework usually lags far behind the technical possibilities. (Katharina Raabe-Stuppnig, LGP News 02/2019)

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Accelerating processes for plant approval

The new ‘Standort-Entwicklungsgesetz’ (Location Development Act) has been in force since 1 January 2019. Its aim is a sustainable increase of the attractiveness and development of Austria as a business location as well as to assist with planning and legal certainty for large investment projects. (Andreas Bauer, LGP News 02/2019)

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‘Advice instead of punishment’ in administrative criminal law

Since 1 January 2019, the Verwaltungsstrafgesetz (Administrative Criminal Code, VStG) has also followed the principle of ‘advice instead of punishment’. Under certain conditions, the administrative penal authority is not initially permitted to impose an administrative penalty for minor administrative offences but must instead offer advice to the accused party. (Andreas Bauer, LGP News 02/2019)

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LGP expands its Management Board

Media and technology lawyer Katharina Raabe-Stuppnig (35), trial lawyer and mediator Valentin Neuser (44) and criminal lawyer Matthias Cernusca (31) were appointed LGP Managing Partners on 1 March 2019. Following the recent expansion, the firm’s management comprises 8 partners at its headquarters in Vienna.

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Helen Steinpass takes over the management of the office

In her new role as office manager, Helen Steinpaß (35) has been responsible for the cross-divisional organisation of the office since 1 March 2019. She represents the interface between the management and the employees in the firm’s administration and secretarial offices.

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Nicolas Stieger becomes a new partner at LGP

LANSKY, GANZGER + partner (LGP) expands its partnership: Nicolas Stieger (51), a business lawyer from Vorarlberg, becomes Managing Partner in the role of Head of Real Estate. Following this latest expansion, the firm’s management now comprises 8 partners at its headquarters in Vienna.

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North Macedonia is on the fast lane

Last year’s agreement between Skopje and Athens regarding the name issue ended a twenty-year dispute that blocked Macedonia’s integration into NATO and the European Union. Foreign direct investment, coupled with private and public domestic entrepreneurship, will have a crucial role to play in achieving this goal. (Arlind Zeqiri, LGP News 02/2019)

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Trade war or strategic competition?

The new international trade order between multilateralism and protectionism: Michael Freund in a talk with policy expert David Metzner and Gabriel Lansky on the strategic triangle USA-China-Europe.

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Update regarding Andersen Global

Now that our new partner from Zambia has joined the collaborative effort, Andersen Global has a presence in fifty countries. Lansky, Ganzger + Partner (LGP) has been Andersen Global’s cooperation partner for Austria, Slovakia and Kazakhstan for more than 10 months, working with local partners to assist companies and individuals with their legal and tax-related matters. (Alexander Steiner, LGP News 02/2019)

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Intercultural skills for giving legal advice

Co-Head of the Russian & CIS Desk Elizaveta Dubrovskaya and Managing Partners Valentin Neuser and Matthias Cernusca in conversation with Manuela Miklas about successful interaction with international clients.

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Intercultural skills are part of our DNA

A comment piece by Anna Zeitlinger, head of the Russian & CIS Desk, and Managing Partner at LGP’s Astana (Nur-Sultan) office.

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Building Information Modelling 4.0

Building Information Modelling (‘BIM’) serves project management, facility management, construction companies and investors, too. The investor in question is able to gain a clear understanding of a construction project and its architectural aspects, including a complex record of its construction components and materials. (Martin Jacko and Ján Príbelský, LGP News 02/2019)

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Human rights in the context of global economy

A new United Nations agreement (“Zero Draft”) is intended to oblige its signatory states to enshrine the obligation for internationally operating commercial enterprises to carry out human rights due diligence in national legislation. If human rights are violated in the course of overseas business transactions, these companies will swiftly be facing substantial liabilities on a national level. (Tatiana Urdaneta Wittek, LGP News 02/2019)

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