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Alexander Egger – Our Man in Luxembourg

Alexander Egger – Our Man in Luxembourg

For a good 10 years, Lansky, Ganzger + partner has successfully represented clients before the two Union Courts, namely, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and the General Court. DrDr Alexander Egger plays a key role in this, heading the firm’s “EU, Regulatory, Public Procurement & State Aids” practice group.

Alexander Egger, who has probably brought more cases before the European Courts than any other lawyer in Austria, has worked with his colleagues at LGP to represent clients in complex cases across a wide range of legal matters, from restrictive measures to damages, regulatory, antitrust, state aid and asylum law – and often with a human rights component. In their work, Egger’s team has repeatedly been able to achieve positive decisions for prominent clients in proceedings of all kinds, from preliminary rulings to actions for annulment and appeals. Several such proceedings are currently pending again. 

But how has the firm managed to bring cases to the European Courts regularly and offer successful representation there for such a long time? One explanation for this is that Lansky, Ganzger + partner and Alexander Egger’s practice group have earned an excellent reputation throughout Austria for representing particularly complex cases that are likely to end up before the supreme courts, and which raise issues relating to European Union law. In turn, the courts then refer these to the CJEU. 

This is what happened in prominent cases such as Kone et al., a damages case in the wake of the “lift cartel”. A ground-breaking decision on the umbrella price effect has been achieved there for the first time. In this case, Egger and LGP were able to win a fundamental claim for compensation for the ÖBB Infrastruktur AG, revolving around an excessive price demanded by a company that was not even involved in the prohibited cartel. Alexander Egger and his team have also been able to act in other prominent preliminary ruling proceedings for Deniz Bank and T-Mobile, to name just two. 

In addition, the team headed by Gabriel Lansky and Alexander Egger also succeeded in winning all the proceedings in several spectacular cases, either directly before the General Court or on appeal before the CJEU. This includes, for example, the Azarov case, which generated broad international media coverage. 

Companies and also private individuals are often unaware that their legal concerns are determined by European Union law, which means their cases can be brought to Luxembourg and be pursued there. In some instances, it is the authorities who “overlook” European Union law. In his work as a legal representative, Egger repeatedly notes how his academic side as an author of leading Austrian reference works on constitutional and public procurement law, as well as EU-wide publications (ia as editor in chief), also benefits him, with his authority being recognised both explicitly and implicitly. Clients can benefit from Alexander Egger’s experience of working as (first) référendaire at the CJEU when it comes to representing their interests. This, and his earlier professional activities at the Austrian Foreign Ministry, has not only brought him insider knowledge (including with regard to the Council or the European Commission): he also built up a corresponding network, which stretches back to his time at the College of Europe (Bruges), Egger’s alma mater. This is invaluable for the firm’s clients, not least in the field of public advocacy. 


Philipp Freund, MA. BA., Head of Business Development and Policy Advisor at LANSKY, GANZGER + partner

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