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News from the AICC Family

News from the AICC Family

The Austrian Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) started 2020 with a change in leadership. Its new Secretary General Gili Perl reflects on past and upcoming AICC highlights.

You’re quite new in your role: could you tell us a bit about yourself and your connection to the AICC?

In April 2019 I had the honor of taking over the role of Secretary General while my predecessor, Managing Partner of LGP Dr. Julia Andras, enjoys her maternity leave. I first worked with the AICC in 2011 and am thus no stranger to it, nor to working with Dr. Andras, and I aim to follow her example of leadership. In this regard I am lucky to enjoy the support of Mag. Talin Schrattenholzer, our Marketing and Business Development lead.

My background lies in communications and business development, as well as defense and cyber security. I previously worked at LGP, as a consultant at the OSCE and as a Policy Officer at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense as well as Cyber Defense Command. In addition to my role at the AICC here in Vienna, I simultaneously lead Stakeholder Engagement at the Israel Aerospace Industries Europe Liaison in Berlin. Beside German and English, I am also fluent in French and Hebrew.

How does the AICC cooperate with LGP?

The President of the AICC is none other than LGP Managing Partner Dr. Gabriel Lansky. Mag. Ronald Frankl, also Managing Partner at LGP, is a member of our board. Both acclaimed attorneys bring decades of experience supporting individuals and organizations with top-level legal advice. Not only does the AICC rent their offices from LGP; we leverage their expertise and extensive networks to support our members and reach prominent decision-makers in the private and public sectors both in Austria and Israel. When hosting AICC activities, we benefit from the beautiful building, which includes serviced meeting rooms and conference spaces as well as a rooftop and wine cellar. 

What do you see as benefits of an AICC membership?

The services we provide our members range anywhere from arranging meetings with relevant stakeholders in Austria or Israel to expand or establish business connections, to hosting delegation trips or tailored conferences. Each cooperation model is tailored to each member: these can be private persons, SMEs, global enterprises – you name it. 

Further, we are very proud to enjoy a close cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Austria and the Embassy of Austria in Israel: their support is indispensable for our efforts.

What are some highlights from 2019 and goals for 2020?

2019 saw quite a few new members joining our AICC family and we’re delighted to have them on board. In addition to events on innovation, energy policy, cyber security and a farewell to the previous Israeli ambassador, the AICC hosted a nationallevel delegation trip to Israel as well as a delegation of Israeli business owners in Vienna.

In the future we want to promote the direct cooperation between our members even more. To our board belong representatives of parliament, top executives of business and experts in legal and tax issues. They use their contacts and their respective expertise for the diverse needs of our members.

We hope to engage them more deeply in upcoming events focusing on innovation, telemedicine, security cooperation, culture and delegation trips. 

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