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Cooperation with Slovenian law firm Senica

Cooperation with Slovenian law firm Senica

Through an intensified cooperation with the distinguished Slovenian law firm Miro Senica, LGP improves its cross-border services. How to assist corporations and individuals in legal questions covering the markets of Slovenia and Austria will be answered by Katarina Kresal of Miro Senica in the following guest commentary.

For over 30 years, the law firm Miro Senica and Attorneys has been building trust and providing top legal services to companies, international corporations and individuals. It is due to our locally rooted but also global-minded expertise and the highest commitment to a law and business-oriented approach that we have grown to become one of the biggest and most prominent law firms in Slovenia and the Western Balkans. 

We provide comprehensive and tailored legal advice in all areas of law and in 12 different languages in Slovenia as well as abroad. We are constantly developing new approaches in our working practice as our inventiveness and creativity in resolving complex legal questions is why clients come to our law firm and stay with us for many years. 

Market disruption, technological advances and globalisation are a reality for our Clients, which is why our lawyers implement a modern and holistic approach to resolving their problems exceeding traditional legal representation. We build relationships with our Clients and gain good knowledge of their aims and needs, which enables us to outline legal risks, advantages and disadvantages of their chosen business strategies and by doing so help them mitigate possible business risks. 

This relationship-driven approach was also what connected law firm Miro Senica and Attorneys with Lansky, Ganzger + partner attorneys at law already ten years ago. We share the same pillars of our business philosophies: we believe that to fulfil clients’ requests, it is not sufficient to provide them with just standard legal advice and representation but that it is much more important to provide them with comprehensive services and remove the obstacles that lie in their path.

Law firm Miro Senica and Attorneys and Lansky, Ganzger + partner will now strengthen their business collaboration even further and join their expertise in the field of cross-border transactions and international projects. Further on, both law firms will enable cross-sharing of their premises. In this respect, each law firm will organize office hours within its premises for the use of the other law firm. Thereby, law firm Miro Senica and Attorneys will offer legal advice on Slovene law in Austria and Lansky, Ganzger + partner attorneys at law will offer legal advice on Austrian law in Slovenia. Both law firms will also combine the capacities of their expert rosters by sharing their Of-Counsels and Lawyers. 

Besides having an experienced and talented team, law firm Miro Senica also teams up with renowned and experienced Of-Counsels from Slovenia and abroad (former constitutional court judges, economic advisors, tax consultants, etc.) as well as important expert and scientific institutions such as Faculties and Institutes from the fields of Law and Economics. 

By employing all our resources, capacities and partnerships as described above, we can work as problem solvers, providing clients with comprehensive services that help them achieve their business aims the fastest and safest way. 

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