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Artistic and cultural skills cross paths with the law

Artistic and cultural skills cross paths with the law

Since September 2019, Anne-Marie Avramut has been part of LGP’s team as the manager for LGP’s art collection and the curator of the ‘LGP’ programme. LGP News met our art manager for a chat.

Artistic and cultural skills are very wide-reaching concepts: how do you envisage them being put into practice at LGP?

Anne-Marie Avramut (AA): LGP has already accumulated a considerable number of works of art over the years since its foundation, from Markus Prachensky through to Peter Kogler and Andrey Ostashov. Incidentally, these works and many others by famous artists can be admired throughout the whole building, as they are hung or exhibited across all 6 floors. As the firm attaches great importance to this unique element of our offices, this led to a desire to record these works in archives and make them accessible to the general public through an art catalogue. 

In addition, we would like to revitalise the ‘LGP’ programme, which was launched years ago in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts. This would enable our law firm to participate in the discourse on cultural topics relevant to the modern age, at the interface between creativity, business, politics and, of course, law. 

What projects are currently underway within the ‘LGP’ programme?

AA: As far back as the beginning of September 2019, LGP hosted the first ‘Vienna Art Summit’ at its offices and established the legal framework for it. Experts from every branch of the art industry, from museologists through to gallery owners, artists, curators, critics, collectors and historians from Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, China, Hungary, Mexico and the UAE, came to discuss innovative ideas at the thinktank. Lots of people have already signed up for the second iteration of the event in 2020, coming next autumn, which is probably going to be held virtually.

What else is on the agenda for 2020?

AA: We are going to work at the interface of art, technology and law specifically, using an array of formats. Several panel discussions are planned, looking at restitution issues, copyright law, the legal limits of art, insurance law and the effects of blockchain technology on the art market. In 2020, LGP also wants to breathe new life into the historic model of the Vienna Salon, giving it a modern touch within the framework of a ‘Salon International’, plus a focus on the country in question.

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