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A fresh strong breeze above the Danube

A fresh strong breeze above the Danube

The Bratislava branch of LGP is led by three managing partners. The leading trio includes Gabriel Lansky and Gerald Ganzger and the Slovakian lawyer Martin Jacko. Journalist Ján Füle talked with him about current topics and his expectations for the company´s direction.

Ján Füle: Martin, you are part of the LGP Bratislava team since the very beginning in 2007 and you became a managing partner in 2015. Recently, one of two Slovakian partners moved to another area. What does this mean for LGP and for you as a leading Slovakian partner?

Martin Jacko: This change means even more personal responsibility for me, but also an opportunity to run the office with a very open mind in view of the many new challenges. I am convinced that this new style of leadership will bring standardization, stabilization and an increase of international projects including the ones initiated in the Vienna office.

Füle: How do you keep up with your clients?

Jacko: It has undoubtedly proven its worth to always think one step ahead. First of all I have to say, the company was set up very well and during the years gained many satisfied clients. However, in this disruptive business environment nowadays, clients expect, apart from reliable service, a higher efficiency, more flexibility and tailor-made solutions for their companies. The truth is, I’m glad I was there at the very beginning of some major opportunities. But I am also a person who likes to take on new challenges and tries to solve them with a lot of positive energy. On a practical level it gives me an advantage that I have been there since the very beginning.

Füle: Can you give us an example of how you work?

Jacko: A good example would be my engagement with “Building Information Modelling” (BIM), which is a revolution in the world of construction. The uniform communication and information basis – from the initial phase of project preparation through the entire construction process to facility management – will naturally accelerate the digitalization of the construction industry, which can no longer be stopped. It is a useful tool not only for architects, but also for developers, builders, investors, bankers, insurance companies, facility managers and power engineers. It is a fundamental change in the workflow with great possibilities. I am therefore delighted that LGP, as a legal expert, is part of this digitisation initiative, which is being rapidly driven forward by experts and pioneers. I can see a similar approach by my Austrian colleagues in the field of real estate tokenization.

Füle: You have an impressive track record in the area of real estate, especially in infrastructure projects. What types of contractual conditions are most often used in projects with large construction companies?

Jacko: The projects I’ve had a chance to participate in have been mostly ruled by various standardized contractual conditions. The most common ones on an international level are the contractual conditions called FIDIC, which are also used in Slovakia due to EU funding. They are the ones used by the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and similar institutions. Our other services also include claim management in cooperation with civil engineers.

Füle: Which are the most important projects you were part of?

Jacko: The most significant recent projects in which we participated include the Baku – Boyuk Kesik railway corridor in Azerbaijan, the D1 highway project Lietavská Lúčka – Višňové – Dubná Skala, Dubná Skala – Turany, Jánovce – Jablonov – Phase 1, the R2 motorway: Ruskovce – Pravotice, and the reconstruction and modernization of the Slovak National Gallery.

Füle: You are also focused on crisis management which is in high demand in this current situation of the Covid-19.

Jacko: Yes, we are trying to help our clients to deal with disruptive and unexpected events that threaten their organization as a whole or their stakeholders. The current pandemic situation raises a number of legal questions (even some we do not normally address) and also forces the organizations to adapt quickly to new conditions in order to eliminate negative economic impacts. The sooner a company is ready and willing to adapt to new conditions, the sooner its recovery will happen.

Füle: You are promoting LGP Bratislava as a competence center for insolvency and restructuring matters in the LGP group. Why?

Jacko: As a registered insolvency and restructuring administrator I have almost 10 years of experience in leading the provision of services connected to insolvency, reorganisation and administrative matters. In this long period, we had dozens of successfully completed insolvency and restructuring cases.

Füle: Now this seems to be very timely, since the current coronacrisis may lead to an adverse economic situation for entrepreneurs.

Jacko: Unfortunately, you are right, because many debtors will face the threat of bankruptcy. In this regard the Slovak government adopted a special temporary protection of entrepreneurs. Though at the early stage it is their obligation to adopt without undue delay appropriate and proportionate measures to prevent a bankruptcy. Negotiations with creditors about reliefs, grace periods and instalments should be run by experienced consultants. The next step would be the consideration of restructuring, that would enable a debtor to survive under certain conditions and the supervision of its creditors, the court and the restructuring administrator. Sometimes these measures do not provide a solution and bankruptcy is the only option, then this should be done in a proper and professional way.

Füle: Last but not least: What does it mean for you and your office to be awarded a “recommend law firm” in the “Law firm of the year awards” in Slovakia 2020?

Jacko: First and foremost, this is due to our commitment to our clients to provide services with a very high quality standard. We strive to learn continuously and expand our expertise in providing legal services. 

This is probably the reason why we were ranked and honoured this year as a recommended law firm in the categories corporate law and dispute resolution ... we are naturally very pleased about this. 


JUDr. Martin Jacko, Managing Partner at LANSKY, GANZGER + partner Slovakia

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