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Info Magazine LGP NEWS 01/2020

Info Magazine LGP NEWS 01/2020

The issue 01/2020 of our information magazine LGP News has a special thematic section “Coronavirus”, where we examine many important questions raised by the pandemic regarding the economy, law, and society. We illustrate changes resulting from the crisis and knock-on effects we should prepare for in the future. Within the scope of our main topic, we examine different legal fields including labour law aspects, as well as innovations in insolvency law or company law. Strategy consultant Markus Petzl and LGP managing partner Gerald Ganzger discuss possible opportunities and challenges of the current crisis. Philipp Freund spoke with LGP Senior Expert Counsel Heinz Mayer and Manfred Matzka as well as the firm's founder Gabriel Lansky about the constitutional conformity of Covid measures, legal reservations in the area of fundamental law, and legal scope for interpretation. 

The much-discussed future topics of block chain and tokenisation are also gaining increased legal significance. You can learn about the adantages that asset tokenisation can bring in terms of liquidity in the LGP News’ present issue. We also report on the opening of our new office in North Macedonia and its success story as well as on the fresh wind at LGP Bratislava, our new program “LGP” and innovations at the Austrian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce AICC. Finally, in the current issue you will learn how Azerbaijan is becoming a transport and logistics hub between Europe, Asia and the Middle East and how the European Court of Justice decided on the issue of cookies on websites and on another groundbreaking case. 

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The Covid-19 pandemic – an ideological game changer?

As an international commercial law firm, our daily business lies in providing our clients with the best possible support in overcoming the crisis. But we also need to pause for a moment and reflect on how the current crisis is changing our political, social and economic system and what effects we can expect in the near and distant future. An essay by Gabriel Lansky.

The virus in the rule of law: “Constitution matters”

During a video conference, Philipp Freund talked to LGP’s two Senior Expert Counsels, Heinz Mayer and Manfred Matzka, and LGP’s founder, Gabriel Lansky, about the “constitutional” conformity of measures relating to Covid-19, legal reservations in the field of fundamental rights and the legal scope for inter- preting ambiguously phrased regulations.

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The crisis as an opportunity and a challenge

The coronavirus pandemic is putting economic models and legal practices to the test, turning up the heat on entrepreneurs and lawyers alike. What will the crisis leave us with, and which measures should we abandon without a second thought? Philipp Freund, Policy Advisor at LGP, asked strategy consultant Markus Petzl and LGP’s founding partner Gerald Ganzger about this during a video conference.

Viral perils in the practice of contract-writing

All kinds of new questions are currently being asked when it comes to ongoing contract negotiations or recently concluded contracts for the purchase of a company or property: how will the coronavirus outbreak affect current practice when it comes to contract-writing and what are the legal requirements that need to be considered? 

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Covid-19 – Impact on the banking industry

The current crisis has materially reduced the creditworthiness of banks’ credit customers across an array of business areas. After all, a person who has lost his or her job or is not generating any sales as an entrepreneur will often no longer be able to repay his or her loans. 

Strategies to avoid insolvency

The coronavirus crisis presents companies with an enormous economic challenge, and it is impossible to foresee its consequences in the short, medium or long term. But in the current situation, what should an entrepreneur do to prevent becoming insolvent and to ensure they can come out of the coronavirus crisis as unscathed as possible?

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(Short-time) Work during the Covid-19 pandemic

The labour market in Austria has been affected by the coronavirus crisis to an unprecedented extent. Unemployment figures are higher than in the year after the Second World War, however, over one million jobs could be preserved (for the time being) by the model of corona short-time work. 

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Corona measures for business entities in Slovakia

The current situation has prompted the Slovak government to adopt several measures to eliminate economic impacts associated with the spread of the Covid-19 disease. One of the results is the temporary protection of business entities through the amendment to the so-called “Lex Corona” effective from 12 May 2020. 

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COVID-19 related aspects to be considered by companies

There is no doubt that the coronavirus crisis has presented companies with enormous economic and organisational challenges, with it being impossible to foresee how long these effects will last. 

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Dispute resolution before courts during the crisis

Covid-19 has left barely any field of legal work untouched, and the settlement of private law disputes is no exception. However, the various types of proceedings are affected in different ways.

Criminal law risks in Covid-19 funding applications

The generous state subsidies offered to companies during the coronavirus crisis must, of course, not be used for other purposes. COVID legislators have attempted to prevent the misuse of subsidies by means of special laws, including criminal law.

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Migration law implementation during the COVID-19 pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the services of the settlement, residence and citizenship authorities have been restricted to emergency operations. Closed borders, cancelled flights and largely paralysed travel infrastructure have made it even more difficult for foreigners to obtain a valid residence permit.

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“Force majeure” – a booming expression

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the term “force majeure” is on everyone’s lips. But what is the purpose of the legal institution of force majeure, and when does force majeure actually apply? The following FAQs are intended to provide some clarification. 

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Economic impact of Covid-19 in North Macedonia

The dramatic spread of COVID-19 has disrupted lives, livelihoods, communities and businesses worldwide. On 18 March 2020 North Macedonia declared а state of emergency and postponed all preparations for parliamentary elections in April. On 17 April 2020 the President of North Macedonia declared a new 30-days state of emergency. 

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The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the real estate market

The global coronavirus crisis is shaking up previously certain aspects of the real estate market and leading to uncertainties as a result, but it is also opening up new opportunities, too. Consequently, and given the generally gloomy economic outlook, we can expect to see commercial and office real estate experiencing somewhat of a cooldown in the foreseeable future. 

Tokenisation, the blockchain and liquidity

Raising capital by issuing tokens is an increasingly attractive financing model. 

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Recent ECJ ruling on cookies

At present, there are numerous different ways to ensure that the use of cookies on your website complies with the law. The ECJ’s judgement in case C-673/17 now provides greater clarity by requiring the user’s active consent.

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Regional planning and its pitfalls

Unfortunately, regional planning in Austria is complicated and highly confusing. In contrast to many other countries – especially the federal states of Germany and Switzerland – Austria does not have a legally secured, federally uniform regional planning system. Commentary by Rudolf Schicker.

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LGP Bratislava: A fresh strong breeze above the Danube

The Bratislava branch of LGP is led by three managing partners. The leading trio includes Gabriel Lansky and Gerald Ganzger and the Slovakian lawyer Martin Jacko. Journalist Ján Füle talked with him about current topics and his expectations for the company´s direction.

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News from the AICC Family

The Austrian Israel Chamber of Commerce (AICC) started 2020 with a change in leadership. Its new Secretary General Gili Perl reflects on past and upcoming AICC highlights.

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Artistic and cultural skills cross paths with the law

Since September 2019, Anne-Marie Avramut has been part of LGP’s team as the manager for LGP’s art collection and the curator of the ‘LGP’ programme. LGP News met our art manager for a chat. 

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LGP cooperation with Slovenian law firm Senica

Through an intensified cooperation with the distinguished Slovenian law firm Miro Senica, LGP improves its cross-border services. How to assist corporations and individuals in legal questions covering the markets of Slovenia and Austria will be answered by Katarina Kresal of Miro Senica in the following guest commentary.

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Breakthrough in EU sanctions law: third countries and fundamental rights

The Azarov case sees the EU’s complex sanctions regime demonstrate the interplay between law and politics and the importance of offering clients targeted, comprehensive representation.

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Azerbaijan is turning into a hub for transport and logistics

Thanks to its geographic location at the crossroads of several international transport corridors, Azerbaijan is increasingly developing into an attractive hub for international transit goods traffic. Various large-scale projects have already been made a reality as part of the expansion of its infrastructure, particularly in the transport sector. 

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Asset tracing – between civil and criminal law

How do the owners of misappropriated assets get their money back?

What are the rules for extraditing suspected criminals in such cases? What role play human rights issues in the extradition relations between two countries? LGP comments on preventing the exploitation of illegal profits by fugitive Offenders.

Legal advice between foreign policy and law

LGP has advised and represented companies and private individuals in cross-border mandates for many years. LGP has built up an excellent reputation, particularly in the field of strategic advice and representation of states, governments and government-related institutions.

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EU billion aid ante portas

Contrary to the claims and criticisms of various national governments, the EU has acted quickly and decisively in economic crisis management. This is an up-to-date overview of the main EU initiatives to stabilise and revitalise the economy.

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