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Info Magazine LGP News 01/2019

Info Magazine LGP News 01/2019

Issue 01/2019 of our info magazine LGP News shines a light on 2 topics: For our special focus on “Wealth Management” we take a closer look at Austria as an asset location. We demonstrate why wealth management is more than just managing assets and that there are certain advantages to targeted legal advice for a safe asset succession in family businesses. Likewise, the controversially discussed future topics of blockchain and crypto currencies are gaining legal significance. In a conversation with business journalist Arne Johannsen we have answered questions about the effects of the Optioment investor scandal and the legal framework conditions for smart contracts. Finally, you will discover how the Vienna-Bratislava region is becoming the logistics hub of the future and why we recommend you to read the new book “Turning Point: our digital-authoritarian century” by our Of Counsel Wolfgang Petritsch.


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Asset Location Austria

What lies behind the term wealth management? How can assets be maintained, structured and increased in the long term despite volatile financial markets and a rapidly changing investment landscape? And what role does Austria play as a location for wealth creation? (Ronald Frankl, LGP News 01/2019)

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Asset succession in family business

Partners and shareholders want the results of successful development work to be in good hands for the future. However, while inheritance law concentrates only on the assets of a partner as part of the testator‘s estate, company law seeks to balance the different interests of the parties involved and primarily secure the existence of the company. (Piroska Vargha and Julia Andras, LGP News 01/2019)

Wealth Management as an innovative service

Often derided in the past, wealth management has long since established itself as a legal field of activity – because it is more than just managing assets. (Matthias Cernusca and Alexey Nenashev, LGP News 01/2019)

Former Minister of Foreign Investment Arlind Zeqiri joins LGP

The prominent member of our advisory team for SEE joined the LGP Senior Expert Council in the summer of 2018. With him, LGP gains an acknowledged expert for the markets in Southeastern Europe.

Between investment scandal and new economy

The work of the devil or the future of finance? What is behind cryptocurrencies, and how can blockchain technology change how we draw up contracts? LGP’s Managing Partner Ronald Frankl spoke to business journalist Arne Johannsen about the consequences of the Optioment scandal and whether a washing machine can issue a declaration of intent.

Data protection complexity in the field of cryptography

Pursuant to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the processing of personal data is protected by the GDPR. In particular, personal data may only be processed if there is a legal basis for this (prohibited unless authorised) (art. 5 para. 1 letter a GDPR). This also applies to decentralised blockchain applications. (Andreas Bauer, LGP News 01/2019)

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“A strong economy needs fast routes”

The Vienna-Bratislava region is to become the logistics hub of the future. The efficient connection of the European and Asian railway networks makes this possible. A guest article by Alexander Andreas Schierhuber.

Thinking Big

A talk with Mark Vorsatz, CEO of Andersen Tax LLC/Andersen Global and Gabriel Lansky, CEO of Lansky, Ganzger + Partner (LGP), moderated by media scientist and journalist Michael Freund.

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Class actions in Europe

In the globally relevant emissions scandal, in which various car manufacturers are to be held responsible for manipulations to circumvent statutory exhaust gas limits, the media in Austria and Germany repeatedly talk about the fact that the manufacturers are now threatened with “class actions” by the injured parties or that such had already been filed. A search for traces with comparative notes. (Valentin Neuser, LGP News 01/2019)

The international order in crisis

At the moment, everybody seems to be talking about a period of global change. The rules of world trade, international politics and warfare appear to have been suspended, and organisations that were once central to the international order, such as the United Nations, appear to have become increasingly hamstrung. Is that really the case? (Wolfgang Petritsch and Philipp Freund, LGP News 01/2019)

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Sanctions. A neverending story? Not necessarily.

Both the EU and the USA are increasingly using the instrument of sanctions. However, in the EU the practice of imposing sanctions is subject to relatively strict judicial control. This is shown by a ruling of the Court of Justice of the EU obtained by LGP for the former Prime Minister of Ukraine. The ruling even sets new general standards for the EU. (Elizaveta Dubrovskaya and Alexander Egger, LGP News 01/2019)

Kazakhstan aligns tax system with OECD standards

On 26 June 2018, the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan signed the Multilateral Agreement on the Automatic Exchange of Information on Financial Accounts. This provides for the introduction of a uniform standard for automatic data exchange (“CRS”). (Anna Zeitlinger, LGP News 01/2019)

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