Newsroom / Andersen Global builds on LGP for its expansion

Andersen Global builds on LGP for its expansion

Andersen Global builds on LGP for its expansion

As of July 2018, LANSKY, GANZGER + partner (LGP) is collaborating with the international association of legally independent member firms providing worldwide tax and legal advice. Via this global association, our clients have access to more than 3,000 professionals in nearly 40 countries. Additionally, we have expanded our portfolio in the area of tax law. In return, Andersen Global gains access to highly interesting, relatively self-sufficient markets with regional market leaders in the countries of Eastern and Southeast Europe by the collaboration with LGP. “In general, international positioning is a challenge for every law firm; different markets require different work methods. As a lawyer, you can’t dance to the same tune in China, Russia, or Southeast Europe. The cultural differences alone are just too great. We consider ourselves to be pragmatic problem solvers and have opted for an international setup which combines the advantages of our own presence in Vienna, Bratislava and Astana with those of our “best friend model” and a global association”, the founder of the firm, Gabriel Lansky, says about the collaboration with Andersen Global. Managing partner Julia Andras adds: “We are a perfect match. This win-win situation was the deciding factor for the choice of LGP in the search for a collaborating partner in Austria, and Slovakia, and Kazakhstan. We have prevailed in a direct competition with several law firms.”

As of July 2018, Ronald Frankl, Julia Andras, Martin Jacko, Gabriel Lansky, Gerald Ganzger and Anna Zeitlinger (not shown in the picture) are collaborating with Andersen Global.

Apart from LGP’s office in Vienna, also the teams from the offices in Bratislava and Astana began collaborating with the international association of lawyers and tax advisers in July 2018.  Russian lawyer Anna Zeitlinger – she is heading LGP’s Russian & CIS Desk – on the collaboration: “Internationality in the form of a strong presence in the CIS area is our trademark – that’s why we opened our office in Astana in 2013. With Andersen Global, we have a strong partner for expansion and for the extension of our portfolio in the area of tax.”

“We are pleased to add such a high quality international firm to the organization. Austria is a critical gateway to Central and Eastern Europe and it is our expectation that we will work with our new colleagues to build out over the course of the next year. Our group has now grown to close to 500 partners and over 3,500 people”, adds Andersen Tax LLC CEO and Global Chairman, Mark L. Vorsatz. Andersen Global is an association under Swiss law and was founded in 2013 by the US member firm (Andersen Tax LLC). The global association is present in more than 100 locations through its member firms and cooperating firms respectively.

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