Newsroom / Business Breakfast Russia (7/11/2017)

Business Breakfast Russia (7/11/2017)

Business Breakfast Russia (7/11/2017)

Around 40 attendees came to the ‘Business Breakfast Russia’, which was moderated by Anna Zeitlinger. Zeitlinger heads up LGP’s CIS & Russian Desk, along with Elizaveta Dubrovskaya. “The Russian population has got used to the new circumstances that have followed on from the EU’s sanctions,” pointed out Alexander Gabuev, an analyst at Moscow’s Carnegie Centre, in his discussion of the ongoing normalisation of the economic ties. According to Gabuev, the economy is slowly recovering, and sectors such as agriculture have experienced a boost as a result of import substitutions. However, experts take differing views on the USA’s role with regard to the sanctions.

Alexey Nenashev, Senior Legal Consultant LGP; Anna Zeitlinger, Russian attorney and Head of Russian & CIS Desk LGP; former Foreign Trade Delegate

Michael Ikrath, banker and European politician, examined the issue of global connections, and focused on the topic of bankfinancing for Russian businesses. This is an obstacle that prevents European companies from getting involved in the Russian market, he said. Alexander Gabuev discussed the USA’s role in continuing the sanctions: “Currently, the Trump administration is not strong enough to enforce the sanctions rigorously.” However, Dietmar Fellner, former Foreign Trade Delegate in Moscow and Senior Counsel at LGP, warned that public opinion is being negatively impacted by mainstream media. “While the export rate to Russia has halved within three years, there is now slight economic growth of around 2 percent. With current inflation rates at just 4 percent it is the right time to leverage this upswing – even if the money is not there for the asking.” Elizaveta Dubrovskaya, co-head of the Russian& CIS Desk at LGP, concluded by emphasising the key significance of investment incentives alongside import substitution or the localisation of production sites: “Special economic zones with reduced tax rates, discounted customs levies and facilitated employment permits for highly qualified key workers are very important factors for Russia.” Alexey Gorlatov, head of Commercial Practice at Goltsblat BLP in Moscow added that it is primarily investors building production plants in Russia who will benefit from the tax advantages granted to ‘local producers’.

East-west connection for legal affairs. Our Russia & CIS Desk is the first port of call for companies looking for a partner to enter the Russian-speaking market. Mixed teams of Russian or Russian-speaking lawyers and Austrian legal experts assist with on-site activities. A team of dedicated translators guarantees the corresponding quality of all documents. The Russian and CIS Desk is headed by Russian advokat Anna Zeitlinger, and is under the co-lead of senior legal counsel Elizaveta Dubrovskaya.

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