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Law governing foreign nationals migration

Law governing foreign nationals migration

The competence centre at LANSKY, GANZGER, GOETH, FRANKL + partner for migration law is the first point of contact for asylum, visa, residence approval and employment approval applications, as well as measures for terminating residence. Our team also offers competent support in all matters relating to Austrian citizenship.

The support of clients does not stop at legal advice. We see it as our human project to help people to find their base in Austria. In addition to supporting private individuals, we also provide legal representation for service companies when it comes to obtaining residence and employment permits for their non-Austrian employees.

The LGP team for migration law is competent in six languages: In addition to German and English, they also speak Russian, French, Dari and Farsi. Interpreters are rendered obsolete and clients can communicate directly and in person with their legal representatives. As equals, of course, which is also due to the fact that the LGP team has its own perception of more than 45 countries and their cultures. The support does not stop once a case reaches a positive conclusion. The competence centre for migration law continues to inform clients after the conclusion of their case about relevant innovations that can have an existential impact on their legal status. The human aspect always comes first!

Top team for serious cases

The LGP team for migration law accompanies its clients through the legal jungle, provides help in dealing with agencies, authorities, insurers, schools and other aspects of daily life. Our team’s goal is to create an integration package for clients. The team members are familiar with the obstacles from their own experience, either because they came to Austria as migrants themselves, or from having worked at the asylum court and the Interior Ministry. They are familiar with the procedures of the agencies and know how to formulate requests.

We give them comprehensive advice on the following problems pertaining to migration law:

  • Naturalisation and expatriation
  • Residence permit
  • Asylum law (displaced persons law, international refugee protection, subsidiary protection)
  • Visa matters
  • Measures against return decisions, expulsion and residence bans
  • Measures against detention pending deportation, deportation and penalties
  • Settlement, residence and visa
  • Foreign nationals law
  • Employment of foreigners
  • Asylum
  • Citizenship
  • Fundamental and human rights

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