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Litigation PR & Public Affairs

Litigation PR & Public Affairs

LANSKY, GANZGER, GOETH, FRANKL + partner has dealt with the communication that accompanies proceedings for many years and works closely with PR experts in Austria who specialise in Litigation PR.  Having represented important media in Austria for decades, LGP has the necessary expertise and knowledge of the Austrian media landscape and of the work done by journalists. In all proceedings that also generate media attention, it is an essential part of LGP's work to also cover this important aspect for its clients and to provide support together with communications experts.

LGP Managing Partner and Austria's leading media lawyer Dr. Gerald Ganzger has dealt with the topic of litigation PR for many years from a legal perspective. Together with Dr. Alfred Autischer (Gaisberg Consulting), he gives presentations and holds seminars on the topic of "Litigation PR". An ideally matched addition to the team is LGP Managing Partner Dr. Julia Andras with her special focus on the area of labour, civil and contract law in combination with the focal point of litigation.

LGP supports its clients in various legal situations with comprehensive, legal advice, as well as in the areas of lobbying and public affairs. Examples of this are the media industry, the telecommunications sector and supporting our clients at the EU level. In the media industry, an important lobbying goal is the protection and upholding of media freedom.

Lawmakers often pursue legitimate goals with their legislative initiatives, such as health or public safety (keyword "Prevention of Terrorism Act"), which naturally also restricts freedom of the media.

It is therefore necessary for the media to use lobbying to advance measures that keep these interventions as moderate as possible and to ensure that the freedom of the media is restricted as little as possible, while at the same time achieving the legitimate goals. This is where LGP sees itself as a constant companion to its clients and represents the interests of its clients before national authorities.

The goals of litigation PR are:

  • To protect, preserve and, if necessary, restore the reputation of the individual / company (including its brands)
  • To represent one’s own opinion in public, not to cede the prerogative of interpretation to the authorities (especially public prosecutors), courts, media, interest groups and litigants
  • To influence the course and outcome of proceedings
  • To prepare and reach out-of-court settlements and solutions

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