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Litigation & Arbitration

Litigation & Arbitration

Conscientious preparation & strategic planning

We represent the interests of our clients with commitment and a focus on the outcome. Our aim is to help our clients exercise their rights, whether out of court, in court or through arbitration. In doing so, we have an overview of which option is the most suitable for our clients. In complex cases, we also design more extensive strategies in order to further increase the chances of success.

As a matter of course, we work with our clients to prepare each case, whatever the size. Our wide-ranging experience helps to ensure optimal planning of the proceedings in advance. The advice we give our clients enables them to correctly estimate the costs, opportunities and risks of any strategies from the outset. In doing so, we cover the entire spectrum of business law. We bring proceedings in the area of financial investments, insurance law, supply contracts and many other areas of law.
In executing the proceedings, we remain efficient and focused on ensuring the cost-benefit relationship. Our clients can expect the best levels of support from the first to the last day of negotiations. Our various departments enable us to render the best-possible service in any area of law. Our clients include private individuals, companies, international corporations, authorities and governments, both in Austria and abroad.

We have absolutely no difficulty in operating in an international environment. We have qualified experts in international regulations and conflict of laws rules for civil proceedings. Also at your disposal are our country managers, who cover most of Europe and extend as far east as Central Asia. This also makes it possible for us to simplify any linguistic hurdles that may be present in the coordination and preparation of proceedings.

Arbitration - national and international

Arbitration proceedings are becoming increasingly important in modern business life. The flexibility and functionality of arbitration enables a decision to be taken on the dispute without the involvement of state authorities. Cost-efficiency, fast decision-making and confidentiality of the proceedings are aspects that speak very much in favour of arbitration. The parties can also jointly determine who will decide on their disputes. This approach can ensure that real experts in the factual and legal issues in question also operate in the deciding court.

From the obtaining of temporary legal protection to the enforcement of national and foreign court judgements and arbitral awards – our specialists advise and represent you comprehensively, both in national and international judicial and arbitration proceedings. We work with the goal of achieving efficient and comprehensible  solutions for our clients.

Our services include:

  • Pre-litigation support and evaluation of chances
  • Civil proceedings in Austria
  • Coordination of Europe-wide proceedings with our partner firms
  • Arbitration proceedings in accordance with ICC, VIAC or various other rules
  • Temporary measures to secure assets
  • Enforcement of Austrian and foreign judgements and arbitral awards
  • Efficient support both of smaller and larger cases

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