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Infrastructure & environmental law

We ensure efficiently implemented infrastructure projects – also in tricky areas

Infrastructure & environmental law

Infrastructure projects, as well as industrial and commercial investment projects, are subject to enormous cost and time pressures due to their economic significance and scope. At the same time, numerous legal provisions and the permanent development of regulatory processes have to be taken into consideration, both at the national and European Union level. In order to avoid frustrating expenses, central importance is also given to specialist knowledge during the creation of the project when dealing with environmental compatibility tests (ECT).

The successful execution of large projects therefore requires a cross-topic advisory approach and the ability to represent legal matters efficiently before Austrian authorities and European institutions. The solving of legal issues places high requirements on the competence and resources of the legal adviser – from tendering and financing through to questions of environmental and civil law pertaining to the approval of projects.

In our decades of work for public principals, private project sponsors and industrial operations, we have acquired the necessary expertise in a market environment changed by liberalisation and internationalisation, and built up suitable international networks in order to provide clients with legal support in all legal issues through to questions of civil, competition and environmental law in advance of market entry.

Our clients presently include bodies responsible for public infrastructure (rail, road, water, air operators of oil and gas pipelines), energy and telecommunications service providers, as well as operators of industrial, commercial, leisure and hotel complexes and companies operating in the waste industry and water industry.

We work in close cooperation with authorities, planners, civil engineers, experts and specialists in the following areas:

  • Legal support on ECT-mandatory projects
  • Advice during preliminary proceedings
  • Legal assessment of concepts for the environmental compatibility declaration
  • Support with submitting documents and representation in front of the authorities
  • Representation of interests in respect of all other parties involved
  • Advising on the expansion of traffic infrastructure (roads, 
  • railways, airports) and of pipe systems (pipelines)
  • Clarification of procurement questions (e.g. in the privatisation of
  • transport infrastructure)
  • Clarification of legal questions of project financing through to PPP models
  • Legal advice on participations and privatisations
  • Support of administrative proceedings in front the regulatory and anti-trust authorities
  • Legal advice on the planning and commissioning of complexes for commercial use
  • Power stations (water, alternative energy forms)
  • Shopping centres, car parks
  • Leisure and hotel complexes
  • Raw material and waste recycling plants
  • Case management and alternative dispute settlement mechanisms (arbitration proceedings)
  • National and supranational representation of interests at European institutions

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