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Advisory focus

Preventive and compliance solutions

Advisory focus

Decision-makers in companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of organising business practices so as to avoid economic crimes and related questions of liability. Our team therefore specialises in the creation of corporate compliance systems and develops tailor-made instruments for the prevention and avoidance of committing punishable acts by decision-makers of companies, their employees or the company itself. In addition, we provide support with the implementation of appropriate systems for the prevention of criminal acts.

Our range of services includes:

  • the analysis and optimisation of internal company structures
  • the development of codes of conduct
  • and training courses for employees.

The LGP criminal law team solves problems with interfaces to other legal fields in close cooperation with the specialists of other LGP competence centres.

In particular in the following areas:

  • Tax law
  • Labour law
  • Media law
  • Unfair competition
  • Corporate law
  • Anti-trust law

Representation of the rights of individuals and companies or organisations under criminal law

As distinguished experts in criminal law, we support both individuals and companies in out-of-court and judicial disputes and in large criminal proceedings.

We not only competently advise and represent victims and defendants, but also give them individual coaching for the upcoming  proceedings. Particular attention is paid to training them with how to deal with the tighter requirements of the anti-corruption criminal law, as well as how to behave during house searches, in front of the police, state prosecutors and courts. Clients profit from the rich professional experience that our advisers bring with them from their work as lawyers, judges, state prosecutors and university professors.

Combating international white-collar crime

The risk potentially exists for every company and every larger organisation to suffer a financial loss or damage to its image through white-collar crimes. In an emergency, rapid action is required, as is the selection of a well thought-out legal strategy and coordinated crisis communication.

The LGP White-Collar Crime Taskforce works for clients beyond national borders in order to

  • identify any weakness in good time
  • clarify allegations or offences early, and
  • recover lost assets.

As legal advisers, we are able not only to investigate or merely provide support for our clients, but can also represent them in judicial and out-of-court disputes at the national and international level. In order to bring white-collar criminals to justice, we develop "European criminal law strategies" where required and work with the authorities in other countries.

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