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Our LGP anti-trust team specialises in providing solutions that make business sense while keeping an eye on interactions with other areas of law. If necessary, specialists from additional LGP teams will be involved on a project-by-project basis. This applies to corporate law, public law, prevention of unfair competition and procurement law (for example, during privatisations) in particular, but is also relevant to the field of criminal law. In addition, we set great store by having a reliable network in Brussels to enable the concerns of our clients to be dealt with effectively by the European Commission. LGP is among the Austrian law firms that have triggered the largest number of preliminary rulings from the European Court of Justice. Notably, a ground-breaking decision was reached with regard to claims for compensation in the “lift cartel” case. Our anti-trust team is not large in terms of headcount, but it nevertheless regularly achieves considerable success.

Our practice areas:

  • Support of merger applications and merger control proceedings with the Federal competition authorities or the European Commission
  • Legally compliant structure of joint ventures, distribution, licence and franchise agreements as well as other forms of cooperation between companies
  • Development of control mechanisms in companies for the avoidance of misuse through their market-dominating position (compliance programmes)
  • Elaboration of defence strategies, crisis intervention and coaching for anti-trust investigations (e.g. during "dawn raids")
  • Elaboration of leniency applications and representation in subsequent anti-trust proceedings (including before European authorities)
  • Mediation of (preventive) knowledge in the company on rights and obligations in anti-trust inquiries or in composition proceedings
  • Representation in actions for damages or defence against civil claims in connection with anti-trust violations
  • Representation in criminal proceedings arising from anti-trust violations (e.g. because of fraud)
  • Advice on state aid

Meilenstein im Kartellrecht

05.06.2014: Luxemburg / Wien, 5. Juni 2014 – Der Gerichtshof der Europäischen Union (EuGH) hat mit seinem heutigen Urteil in der Causa Liftkartell einen Meilenstein im Kartellrecht gesetzt, und zwar im Private Enforcement: Führt ein Kartell dazu, dass sich auch die Pr »

Liftkartell - Kleine Zeitung 1.2.2014

03.02.2014: Seit sieben Jahren beschäftigt das Aufzugskartell die österreichischen Gerichte. Dr. Gerald Gangzer, vertritt im Namen von Lansky, Ganzger + partner Kläger im Zivilverfahren. Artikel in der Kleinen Zeitung vom 1.2.2014 Seite 36 , Seite 37 »

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