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Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Guarantee the financing for an innovation in real time, invest in a project without a bank account, handle payments from a mobile device. Crowdfunding, automation, AI and peer-to-peer communication between purchasers and providers are changing entire business models. The advisors within our “Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies” team specialise in offering all-round support to financial services providers, fintechs and users of blockchain technology. Our goal? To enable innovations so that the potential of new payment & financing methods, along with smart contracts, can be realised in a sensible and legally secure way.

Our specialisms

Blockchain applications

Blockchain technology, combined with encryption regarded as secure, is changing traditional banking, and is making its way into the drafting of contracts thanks to “smart contracts”. We advise banks and technology suppliers on the financing, structuring, development and launch of blockchain applications.

Fintech financing

The EU’s desire for a unified capital market and a more stable securitisation market will benefit fintechs, while changes to the Prospectus Directive will make it easier for SMEs to raise capital within EU markets. This primarily appears to be a disruption to the financial sector but could actually open up new potential for banks and kick-start the process of tapping into new markets and developing innovative products. The members of our “Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies” practice structure transactions in Austria and abroad, while assisting clients with capital measures and interactions with public bodies.

Digital payment solutions

Generally, internationally successful payment solutions are backed up by complex sales agreements that need to be “watertight” across borders. We advise banks, crowdfunding platforms and innovative fintechs on evaluating, developing, approving and operating digital solutions.

Corporate and M&A work

Investments are being made in technology around the world; new market participants are challenging established players. We can offer advice throughout the entire lifecycle, from financing an innovation during the development phase of a business idea, through to the STO. In the event of investments and corporate takeovers we can assist financial investors as well as banks, insurers or technology companies who are expanding their product portfolio.

Representation in front of public bodies

Strict requirements govern the marketing of financial products via technological platforms. Even in the early phase of product development it is important to make best use of the legal options available so that innovations can be made a reality. The experts within our “Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies” practice assist fintechs with developing products and selling them via online platforms or apps. If necessary, they can call on colleagues from other areas – such as the fields of IP/IT or conflict resolution. Start-ups also frequently seek our advice on generating capital or crowdfunding, as there is also a good deal of regulations to bear in mind in this regard.

Data protection and data security

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018. It will affect companies within the financial sector to different extents. While banks will need to do a lot of work to adapt their systems to meet the requirements, streamlined fintechs will generally be able to alter their processes and systems more swiftly. Our GDPR experts will tell you what you need to be aware of.

An overview of our specialisms

  • Legal advice on financing, structuring, developing and launching blockchain applications
  • Legal advice on tokenizations, especially security token offerings (STO)
  • Compliance check of the blockchain solutions used within a company
  • Development, implementation and review of compliance management systems (CMS), such as in preventing money-laundering
  • Advice on matters of company law, and on structuring transactions both in Austria and overseas
  • Assistance on capital measures, regulatory advice and representation vis-a-vis supervisory authorities
  • Assistance with market launch (EU, Austria, South-Eastern Europe, CIS)
  • Counselling private investors on matters of investor protection law

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