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Competence Centre for Asset Tracing & Recovery

One step ahead: LGP supports its clients in recovering stolen assets.

Competence Centre for Asset Tracing & Recovery

The firm’s international orientation is of special importance. Wherever criminal gains are made in grand style, the concealment of the unlawfully acquired assets also plays a big role. This is frequently achieved by different means such as complicated holding structures, trusteeships or the foundation of companies in offshore legal systems. While extensive international consensus exists to trace money laundering activities across borders and make offshore legal systems more transparent, numerous places around the world continue to subscribe to the business model of concealing criminally acquired assets.

This is where LGP's counter-strategy comes in. By combining criminal law and civil law, our team defines proper solutions: we critically test legitimate asset transfers, focus the attention of the so-called Financial Intelligence Units and criminal prosecution authorities in various countries, and use official investigations to obtain the knowledge that is subsequently required for the seizing of assets under civil law by means of temporary injunctions.

Worldwide open source research in company registers, land registers, shipping and aviation registers often provide a starting point. Many data files have since been digitised and can be accessed worldwide. This is supported by further information, some of which can even be obtained via the internet. State-of-the-art computer programs then process the whole bunch of such individual findings in order to determine relations and structures that subsequently supply information for further investigative activities by the investigators in our team. LGP also uses state-of-the-art software, including "iDetect".

Our team

Our team is made up of experienced criminal and civil lawyers and IT specialists and is supported – where necessary – by local investigators.

Our advisory activities focus in particular on the following services:

  • Asset tracing / Asset recovery
  • Tracing and combating of money laundering activities, breach of trust and fraud
  • Cross-border collaboration with police authorities and state prosecutors and  Financial Intelligence Units
  • Interdisciplinary work with forensic accountants
  • Private participation in criminal proceedings
  • Civil proceedings in Austria and abroad
  • Temporary injunctions and other temporary measures
  • Coordination of complex overall strategies

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