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Vienna Economic Talks – Belgrade Meeting 2017

Vienna Economic Talks – Belgrade Meeting 2017

On 21 and 22 May 2017 the Vienna Economic Forum, under the auspices of Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, organized the Vienna Economic Talks - Belgrade Meeting 2017 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia. Speakers were high-level representatives from the region's economic, political and diplomatic world.

Dr. Gabriel Lansky, Vienna Economic Forum member, was one of the speakers at the first day of the Vienna Economic Talks.

According to Dr. Lansky, Serbia is excellently positioned for cooperation with Beijing and could serve as a gateway between Europe and China.  Companies from Austria, which has so far not played any role in Beijing’s One Belt One Road initiative, could gain from deepening ties with Serbian enterprises. Serbia has signed a number of very lucrative arrangements that could attract companies from all over Europe seeking access to the Chinese market.

Dr. Lansky pointed out that financing has not yet been clarified for all of the projects signed in Beijing, but emphasized that they were very serious agreements which signify a strong partnership between the two countries.

On a different note, Dr. Lansky stressed the significance of regional cooperation as a key to success, especially in the Western Balkans, and the importance of continuous commitment to this idea by regional leaders, At the same time, sustained Austrian interest in the region and in investment activities there are vital.

Law offices from Austria can work in Serbia in many ways, as investors and as economic partners. With 2.3 billion Euros, Austria is the largest foreign investor in Serbia.

The Serbian economy could become an engine for the Western Balkans but there are obstacles on this path because economic ties in the region still remain weak.

Fotocredit: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

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